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Jul 3, 2007 12:13 AM


Anyone has anything to say about Veil?

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  1. it's been a while since i've been there, but i have had some good tasting menus there in the past (especially the seafood tasting, by advance request only). Not sure whether they offer those anymore, the last time i tried to order one they were reluctant to put it together (and if they're just going through the motions and putting out the bare minimum required, there's no point getting it)...also heard rumors there were some service issues

    1. I went with three friends for happy hour, and that was great. I loved the bar, but for some reason cannot bring myself to eat dinner there. I say go for the happy hour and then look at the dinner menu.

      1. I really, really wanted to like Veil but have been disappointed by both the food and the service. Overall, the food is acceptable but underwhelming and I think sadly the restaurant is going downhill. On my last visit (we went back for the 30 for $30 promo), a couple of dishes were nearly inedible. These were: a fried gnocchi with a heavy butter-wine sauce, sauteed wild mushrooms, and thick "shavings" of aged parmigiano -- the sauce was way too heavy for the already-rich gnocchi and fought with the mushrooms, and the cheese clashed with everything else; and a lemon tart with a soggy, wooden crust.

        Our server was well-intentioned but inexperienced. She hovered over us while we ate our appetizers and took them away before we were finished. She set our bottle of wine on our table without opening it and did not return for 10 minutes. The wine, which was supposed to pair with our entrees, came out about 30 minutes before the entrees themselves. (After being hurried through our appetizers, the table across from us, which had ordered after us, was served and ate their entrees and dessert and paid their check before we received our entrees.)

        The staff is very nice and, again, well-intentioned. But there are so many better restaurants in Seattle, IMO, that I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

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        1. The one thing I really liked was the salted peanut butter ice cream; it's worth a trip just for that dessert. Maybe they serve that at the bar...

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            Oh well! I had hopes since the chef comes from the French Laundry in Napa Valley, but I guess not.

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              do you know how many people have passed through the kitchen of the french laundry? thousands. whether it's for a week or ten years, people always put it on their resumes. it's definitely not a reason to visit veil. this place has been barely making it since they opened. spotty service, a menu full of hits and misses, outrageous prices. there are tons of better restaurants in seattle.

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