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Jul 3, 2007 12:12 AM

French in Seattle?

Can someone tell me where I can find French Food In Seattle. I do not mean fusions, just authentic French. I hate Le Pichet, I have been there 3 times always hoping they were just having a bad service day, but it is obviously part of their stuck-up attitude.

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  1. Marie, For "affordable" French, Maximillien's at the Market has always been steady and good. (And without the attitude.) Mid-priced is Cremant. For high end, Le Gourmand and Rover's both are excellent.

    1. I am a big Cremant partisan; doggedly authentic bistro fare and convivial atmosphere. Reasonably priced also. No hint of arrogant service that I've detected.

      Historically, I have also loved Campagne and Rover's, but have not visited either for several years.

      1. I'm sorry to hear you hate Le Pichet - I've had nothing but good experiences there. I just tried Cremant for the first time and it was FANTASTIC - very French menu and atmosphere, and very nice service. Best steak frites I've had. Cafe Campagne is one of my other favorites for French bistro food - escargot, croque madame and hard cider, yum.

        I've eaten at both Campagne and Le Gourmand and they're just too-too for my taste (too rich, mostly), but it's certainly authentic high-end French.

        1. I can't believe nobody mentioned le Fournil - great pastries and bread, good options for breakfast and lunch. Also, now that we're on the subject: is the organic Boulangerie Nantaise still open? I have not tried it yet.

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            Yep, open and seems to be doing well. They're just around the corner from my office...which is definitely a bad thing :) They make one of the better Americanos I've had, and pair that with a marrionberry croissant (or a plain croissant or pain au chocolat or pretty much anything they have) and it makes a great start to the day. Their breads are also really good. I often pick up a loaf to take home for dinner when I stop in for coffee and pastry.

          2. Cremant is excellent. Order the marrow bones, you'll not be disappointed.

            Also, Cafe Presse just opened at 12th and Madison. I believe it's owned by the same people who run Le Pichet but they feel very different. Great casual bar/bistro, great steak frites. Open till 2am which is so needed in this city. Service is, well, serviceable, but if that's been your concern w/Le Pichet you might want to wait a while until it's sorted out.