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Jul 2, 2007 11:25 PM

Breakfast sausages

Anyplace in Montreal making their own great breakfast sausages(I'm guessing some of the sausage establishments do, but don't know if it's good)? Any breakfast restaurants here that make own breakfast sausages?

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  1. I had some plain breakfast sausages from Porc Meilleur in JTM a couple weeks ago and found them much much better than the mass produced stuff at Provigo. I want my breakfast sausage to be a breakfast sausage not a Martha Stewart novel (pork with veal, minced turkey, cranberries and Greek honey....or whatever). These did just fine.

    I'm actually getting to be a big fan of Porc Meilleur for all my porcine needs (their pork chops were also great on the BBQ).


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      How would you suggest I cook these breakfast sausages from Porc Meilleur(just got some today)? These are different from the mass produced stuff.