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Jul 2, 2007 11:22 PM

What discounts/coupons do you know about?

I'll start:
-Violet is now a part of Rewards Network, formerly idine (20% 0ff)
-just got a coupon for 3 on Fourth in in a promotional mailer ($10 off for lunch, $25 for dinner)

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    1. You can get 50% off dining certificates for certain restaurants from KRTH. I got a $50 luna park certificate for $28.75.

      1. re: elainew

        Elainew, thank you for the info. I just placed an order. By the way, a very similar offer is provided for restaurants at 50% off by FREE FM called "Feed Your Face."

      2. There are also some coupons (some outdated or for restaurants that are no more) on this link:

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        1. re: WildSwede

          Get a KCRW Fringe Benefits card ($50 tax deductible donation) and receive 10 - 20% literally hundreds of restaurants up and down So Cal.

          Pradeep's always has a "buy one get one free" deal in those ValuPak mailers.

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          1. The Entertainment book is $20 or less right now (coupons good through November) and has a lot of two for one deals. They have a website. Books for different areas in the county.

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              The"Entertainment Book" is currently on sale for $9.99, because the offers are only valid through Nov. 1, 2007. For that price, it still leaves plenty of time to enjoy the discounts.


            2. Yatai on Sunset has a 25% off coupon on their website: