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What discounts/coupons do you know about?

I'll start:
-Violet is now a part of Rewards Network, formerly idine (20% 0ff)
-just got a coupon for 3 on Fourth in in a promotional mailer ($10 off for lunch, $25 for dinner)

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  1. You can get 50% off dining certificates for certain restaurants from KRTH. I got a $50 luna park certificate for $28.75.


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      Elainew, thank you for the info. I just placed an order. By the way, a very similar offer is provided for restaurants at 50% off by FREE FM called "Feed Your Face."


      1. There are also some coupons (some outdated or for restaurants that are no more) on this link:


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          Get a KCRW Fringe Benefits card ($50 tax deductible donation) and receive 10 - 20% literally hundreds of restaurants up and down So Cal.

          Pradeep's always has a "buy one get one free" deal in those ValuPak mailers.

        2. The Entertainment book is $20 or less right now (coupons good through November) and has a lot of two for one deals. They have a website. Books for different areas in the county.

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            The"Entertainment Book" is currently on sale for $9.99, because the offers are only valid through Nov. 1, 2007. For that price, it still leaves plenty of time to enjoy the discounts.


          2. Yatai on Sunset has a 25% off coupon on their website: www.yatai-bar.com

            1. You can grab a Hungry? Deck from the Hungry? Guides for about $25 and it gives $10 off at some amazing restaurants in Los Angeles

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                i tried to do a search online but couldnt find a page for them. is there anywhere you can see the participating restaurants? is it like the cozmodeck, featuring trendy-ish but not necessarily that great restaurants?

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                  Although I don't see any way to view a complete list of restaurants upfront.

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                    i dont even see a partial restaurant list. does anyone care to make a short list of restaurant highlights?

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                      40 of the top LA restaurants have been selected to be included in this handy card deck that offers $400 worth of discounts. Restaurants include El Cholo, Ciudad, El Tarasco, and many more

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                        "40 of the top LA restaurants have been selected...."

                        el cholo and el tarasco? OMG! negative!!! =)

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                          I may get the complete list tomorrow (we'll see) and if so I will post it.

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                            LA area places:

                            Pit Fire Pizza
                            LA Groundworks
                            Top's in Pasadena
                            Red Brick Pizza
                            India Sweets & Spices
                            Border Grill
                            Fig Tree Cafe - Venice Boardwalk
                            410 Boyd Street
                            Café Beaujolais - Eagle Rock
                            Cajun Creole
                            T' Georges Chicken
                            Spring Street Smokehouse
                            Papa Cristo's
                            El Cholo
                            Brite Spot
                            Chili My Soul
                            Griddle Cafe
                            Cliff's Edge

                            There were others, but I was taking dictation over the phone and crapped out at this point.

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                              thanks! really appreciate it. its a fun list peppered with places that i enjoy

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                    I've seen them at the Arclight Theaters and little shops around town, like Illiturature. The list of restaurants is at HungryDeck.com. They also have a new drinking set called Thirsty.

                2. Whole Foods often gives great coupons for use at Border Grill (and maybe Ciudad)?

                  1. It's ALL ABOUT getting a KCRW Fringe Benefits Card...really great places, really great deals....you get a guide book too with all the info...just go to KCRW.COM and click on FRINGE BENEFITS and you'l see all the great places that offer deals...the best part is, you wont feel like a "tool" using it since people who enjoy good food, good music, and are members are encouraged to frequent the places that choose to be merchants...you can also get great Yoga, Pilates, Grateful Palate discounts too...the list goes on.
                    Last pledge drive, I pledged $75 and got a $50 gift certificate to Silverlake Wine...well worth it!
                    Have fun eating your way through the Merchants catalog...I did that last year>

                    1. A bunch of restaurants are offering discounts in celebration of L.A's 225th birthday. It's a little unclear how one goes about getting the discount, I assume you just mention it when ordering. Here's a link:


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                        Print it out and present it to the restaurant to cash in on the coupon.

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                          Here is a very good deal from Morton's. You have to print it out and present it.

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                            wow, that's an amazing deal for Morton's! Mr. writergirl and I are so there! Thanks!

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                              I just enjoyed Morton's dinner using this coupon, and it was fabulous. So much food... between the two of us, we had 2 salads, a petite filet each with a side of their colossal shrimp for me, crabcakes for him. We also had two sides to share, baked potato with all the fixings and sauteed wild mushroom. You also get two desserts, their chocolate cake which was awesome with all that gooey goodness oozing out, and the key lime pie, which was ok.

                              We had a bottle of wine, and the whole bill came out to 149 with tax (39 bucks was for the wine).

                              It expires late sept, so enjoy the good deal!

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                                So happy that it worked out for you. Now, I'm going to have to take advantage of this great deal.

                        2. HotCoupons.com has some dining offers based on zip code, there's currently one for Buy One Get One breakfast at Marmalade Farmers Market.

                          Those mailer coupons can be printed out if you can't find them...at valpak.com

                          1. Empress Harbor (Monterey Park): If you get your check before 12 noon, they give you a 20% discount.

                            Capital Seafood (Monterey Park): My mom told me that you get your check before 1130 AM, they give you a 20% discount. But I haven't personally verified this, yet.

                            1. Don't forget about Rubio's $1 fish tacos on Tuesdays (after 2:30pm) - that's a good deal!

                              1. The radio station KLOS is offering restaurant certificates for 1/2 off. It costs $25.00 to get a $50.00 restaurant certificate. They call it "EAT THIS." Every week a different restaurant certificate goes on sale.