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Las Vegas Pizza

We're on our way to the Grand Canyon and will be traveling with families. Any good pizza joints in LV? I know this is a bit of a strange question but with teenagers you have to take what you can get.


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  1. Metro Pizza has good NY style pizza. There are multiple locations, but probably the most convenient location is at 1395 East Tropicana Avenue.

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      They wanted "good" pizza in Las Vegas.

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        Could you explain what you mean, Gregory?

    2. On the Food Network last night, Guy did this profile of a place called Four Kegs that he used to go to in College. It had awesome looking Stromboli, Pizza, Wings, Sandwiches, etc. I would check them out.


      1. What about one of Wolfgang Pucks places? You could get something more your style and the teens could still get Pizza!

        1. Settebello is the best pizza in the Las Vegas/Henderson area! Real Neopalitan, wood-fired pizza. Can choose from a list of pizzas or build your own. I highly recommend having the "Settebello" and an arugula salad with fresh mozzerella.

          1. Metro Pizza, Rocco's New York Italia Deli (the best in Las Vegas) or Broadway Pizzeria.

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              I concur with Broadway Pizza - the best that I have found here. It's on Rancho, just north of Charleston (and just south of the 95), in a Smith's shopping center.

            2. I'm a big fan of East Coast Pizza. I go to the one on Trop and Fort Apache, but there are other locations. Everything is brought in from Boston, including the water.

              1. Best NY style pie in town is at Casa di Amour on East Trop - very old world Vegas place with live music on weekends and friendly staff, regular clientele. Don't let the dive-setting fool you --the red sauce style food is also very good...some of the best in town.

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                  I forgot about Casa di Amore; great place! They also make a great pork chop dish with vinegar peppers.

                2. Four Keg does have the BEST Stromboli ever!! For Chicago style pizza, Amore on Durango Just south of twain. The sauce & crust are amazing.

                  1. I know this is a dead thread but I just want to say there is no good pizza in Vegas. I lived there for two year and I thought it was all bad.

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                        Let us not forget Grimaldi's as well.