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Jul 2, 2007 10:22 PM

Asian Bakery with the softest, fluffiest, light as a cloud loaf of bread

Dont get me wrong. I like my hearty wheat bread as much as the next self-respecting complex carbohydrate conscious, multi-grain loving health nut. But sometimes, just sometimes, I crave the springy sweetness that only a processed white bread can give. Remember those Wonder Bread peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from your Kindergarten lunch box? Well, I've since grown older and wiser and learned that an even better version of Wonder Bread can be found at Asian bakeries.

My favorite thus far are the ethereally light and delightful loaves from Cream Pan in Tustin. What are yours?

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  1. Fresh off the cooling rack at 9:45 am at Diho Bakery in Irvine :) I can just eat that stuff plain and be happy. A huge loaf will set me back $2.75 (it used to be $2.50 but they've upped the price recently)

    1. Keewah Bakery has pretty good thick slice of bread (very fluffy and double the thickness of a regular slice)

      The Decor or whatever that bakery is called inside the 99 Ranch (not every 99 Ranch has it) makes a wonderful bread in that special variety. It's larger than a regular slice of bread and is made from some special wheat or something like that, but it's really yummy.

      1. Ohhhh I know what you mean! I think I pop into at least two bakeries a day when I visit Tokyo.

        Sorry, this isn't about a loaf of bread, but I just recently stopped by Frances bakery in Honda Plaza (Little Tokyo) at 8:45am, after picking up a few things at the fish market and flower market. I hadn't been there in yeeeears, like maybe 15 years? The person I was with told me that if you go between 8:45 and 9am, they have fresh croissants right off the rack. So we went....and for sure they were nice and warm! They had chocolate, almond and plain that morning. Nothing like a fresh one right from the oven!