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Jul 2, 2007 09:51 PM

Great Eats between New York City and Chatham, MA

Driving to the Cape tomorrow, and we want to make the long journey as fun as possible. Any ideas of places that we must stop on the way?


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  1. As Im from conn. The only place that i could recomend would be around the Mystic Ct. area. Its easy off and back on to Rt 95. There are some nice places within 5 mins drive from the highway. Check out this site, I think you will find it useful if you are in the area when its time to eat. After you leave the Ct. area and move on into R.I. I cant be of much help. You will be headed north toward Providence and then onto Rt.195 I would imagine. and you might find a place or two off of the highway . Good luck on your trip . Hope this helps . Earle

    1. who knows what will be open on july 4, but if i were driving from nyc to ma i would stop at any of the following and be quite happy

      Colony Grill (stamford)
      Coffee An' Donuts (westport)
      Pepe's Apizza Napolitana (fairfield or new haven)
      Sally's Apizza (new haven)
      Modern Apizza (new Haven)
      Letizia's (norwalk)
      Super Duper Weenie (Fairfield)
      Orem's (Wilton)
      enjoy fb