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Jul 2, 2007 08:30 PM

A decent 10 course chinese dinner at Full House with Picture link

I had a decent dinner at Full House on Hwy 7 recently. It is a 10 course set dinner. I have also included some of the pics link here.

The setting of the restaurant is traditional chinese decor with a tone of red and gold.

10 Course Meal :
1). Full house Platter - beef tendon, szechuan shrimp, drunken chicken wing, jelly fish

Appetizers - tender beef tendon braised in strong soy sauce, spicy little shrimp, chinese wine seasoned boneless chicken wing with cold jelly fish, good way to start the dinner!

2). Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Four Treasures and Jinhua ham (one urn per person)
- clear chicken and pork broth yet with strong favour of Jinhua ham, matched with Japanese/Chinese mushroom and winter melon. Not too much shark fin in it, ok portion.

3). Oyster sauce braised dried-abalone (one plate per person
)- Abalone with Snow Pea Leaves, abalone size is around 45 head

4). Hand-Fried pigeons - three pigeons. One of the best in Toronto. Thin crispy skin with just a very thin layer of fat in between skin and meet. I did not take the pic of this one ...

5). Whole Sole on Its Crispy Bone
- sauteed filet of sole placed on its crispy fried bone frame, the frame can be eaten like potato chip. Seafood lovers will love this one !

6). Six pounds maggi-sauce pan-fried fresh lobster.
- Wow, maggi sauce which bring out the freshness of Lobster.

7). Fook-Kin styled Seafood fried rice in steamer basket.

8). Yang-chun noodles in clear broth.

9). Chinese dessert dim-sum.

10). Red bean sand chinese dessert soup.

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  1. Thanks for a nice review and recommendation. I've been mulling over trying Full House after reading the various recommends. Is the menu in english fairly comprehensive in terms of what they serve or do they have a lot of off-menu items or chinese-only menu items?

    And for reference:
    Full House Restaurant
    328 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill
    Richmond Hill, Thornhill
    (905) 882-1388

    1. Hello skylineR33,
      Sounds yummy! Just out of curiosty, how much was the meal? For shark's fin and abalone, I usually pick Regal16 ( 16th/Spadina ). Wonder how the two compare? Also, any idea whether Full House do a 'roast suckling pig' appertizer?

      1. great job including the pix!

        mmm, i'm going to stop eating any shark fin from now~ I think the restaurants should take the initiative to find an alternative ingredients~ so sad, sigh

        1. Hi kerwintoronto,
          I am sure they have a comprehensive english menu. They also have set dinner for 6 to 10 people I think, it is safe to order those if not sure or one can always ask the server to recommend, they are usually quite good. But for some special set dinner like the one I mentioned here, I think they have it in English, but not exactly sure ...

          Hey Charles,
          The meal is one of their special set dinner for 10, they are all $550 (tax and tips inclusive)! But usually we pay a bit more extra tips. Also, we pay extra to add more shark fin and pigeons, as the $550 only has 3 pigeons. I don't think they do half table. It is very good value, eventhough the abalone is not big(and for sure not from Japan), and not too much shark fin in the soup (less than one liang, translate to less than ~1.34 oz of shark fin in each urn). But it is lots of food and they are pretty well-cooked on all of them !!! One more thing, as you know, they require advanced booking in all their special menu, pretty standard in this kind of chinese restaurants.

          Shark fin soup, overall ok. The soup base of shark fin soup is very well prepared, with the vegetable and mushroom, which make it mild but still you know it has been cooked for a long time as it tastes very good. Still prefer going to Regal 16 though.

          For the abalone, it is very well-cooked, they control the timing good as the softness of the abalone is just right and the sauce diffused well into the whole abalone. But for this kind of things, still prefer to eat at home as they are much cheaper to cook at home !

          Full House does not do roast suckling pig as we also ask the same question one time.

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          1. re: skylineR33

            Thanks for the feedback skylineR33. The more I read your post, the more I find you and I frequent and favour the same restaurants. May be we can arrange to meet and have an 'eat-off' sometime?! FYI, my e-mail is

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Yeah, I found that too. An "eat off" will be great !! My email is, I just send you off an email too. Thanks.

          2. I also really enjoy Full House. The pigeons are possibly the best fried pigeons I've ever eaten, which includes some pretty good places in HK.

            Also their cheung fan is to die for. It's slightly chewy, flavourful, and unlike any other cheung fan I've ever tasted.

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            1. re: lsk

              For some unknown reason, Toronto indeed does possesses a number of Chinese restaurants that manage to do a nicer job with roast pigeon than some of Hong Kong's finest. When I visited Hong Kong a few months back, I too sampled quite a few birds from Sha Tin to TST to Central to Causeway Bay. However, every one I ate I found them extremely 'Gamy' - the result of the bird being air chilled or frozen and not freshly slaughtered?!