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Jul 2, 2007 08:16 PM

Special Dinner in Shanghai

Looking to celebrate a birthday in Shanghai with a special meal. Just arrived in the area and have tried a few local places only, so we probably haven't tried anything you'll suggest!

Thought about Jean Georges but have read mixed reviews (super positive from the NY Times, generally bad from Smart Shanghai users). Would appreciate your thoughts on Jean Georges as well as other suggestions. Looking for something unique / memorable in both food and decor, and of course, something we can get into without waiting weeks for a reservation, if that is a necessary consideration. Memorable, in our book, does not translate to pricey but if it's worth it and pricey, we'll go.


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  1. When I went to Shanghai, I went to M on the Bund. It was definitely memorable because it had an awesome view of the bund, and it wasn't too hard to get reservations. However, the food was average. It's your standard American fare, but nothing spectucular.

    1. I'm not sure they serve entree style dinners, but Cloud 9 in the Jinmao Tower is an amazing place to celebrate a birthday. The tofu squares are my personal favorite!

      1. A few "special" places would be Jade on 36 - - prix fixe menus start at 400RMB and go up to 900RMB per person (not including drinks). If you aren't into trying something "new", then I would recommend going elsewhere.

        Jean Georges is good, as is Laris:

        If you want to do a little clubbing after dinner, then Finestre would be a great choice -

        And, finally, although I am not a big fan of hotel restaurants, Le Meridien has a wonderful French restaurant - Allure - which is not necessarily "special" in terms of decor or atmosphere, but the food is outstanding -