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Jul 2, 2007 07:55 PM

Steak fish

I haven't lived in Baltimore very long. Today at work, a colleague who has lived here all her life started talking about "steak fish" and how good it was when her mom used to cook it when she was little (about 60 years ago).

I have never heard of steak fish and asked her what kind it was. She couldn't tell me but mentioned that is was very good and that "sometimes people tried to sell hake as steak fish but that hake just isn't good..."

Then, another colleague came in and said that his grandmother used to fix steak fish also and that he enjoyed it as well, but thats about all the information he could give.

What is steak fish? I have heard of fish steaks - everything from sardines on up to salmon size. Is this what Baltimoreans refer to as "steak fish" - a fish sliced into steaks? Or is it a specific type of fish?

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  1. Steak fish is usually white hake. Wait until you here about laketrout; which is not a trout and does not come from a lake. Laketrout here in Baltimore is deep fried silver hake more commonly known as whiting.

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      In the US, whiting is considered sort of a low-class fish and is usually fried. You never see it on upscale menus. In French, it's called merlan and it's perfectly acceptable, prepared in the same manner as John Dory, sole, or flounder. It's one of the least expensive fish you can buy in local markets. I've seen frozen filets as cheap as $1.50 lb.

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        I don't know about whiting, but "steak fish" usually sells for approx $6 per lb.

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        There was a good article in the City Paper about where to eat lake trout in Baltimore. It is still available online at

      3. Hey Jim, are you still reading this thread...?

        Shore Seafood's takeaway stall in Baltimore's Northeast Market
        features both Lake Trout and Steak Fish.

        I haven't tried them yet, but their Crab Cake Subs are good, and the Oyster Subs are even better, so...that's something to think about for next time...

        1. steak fish is cut up shark