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Jul 2, 2007 07:43 PM

fish tacos in Chicago

have a craving for some fish tacos. anyone knoe any good spots in the city?



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  1. Rumor is McCormick & Schmidt's has them for happy hour. I cant imagine they are anything like what you might get in San Diego for example, but who knows?

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      Baja fresh also has them- they are about equally as good there. It ain't saying much.

    2. Though not exactly fish tacos, Taqueria Azteca on Blue Island has fish or shrimp ceviche tostadas for $3.50 that are killer. They're on the block south of 18th St. on the right side going south west in Pilsen.

      1. I've been searching for fish tacos like I had in Cabo. Haven't found them yet in Chicago, however Carnivale's are very good (on the lunch menu or appetizer at dinner) and I've been told Twisted Lizard has good ones.

        1. Fonda del Mar (Fullerton and Hamlin), has an appetizer consisting of two "Ensanada" fish tacos and a cup of peppery fish soup. Unfortunately, they recently raised the price of this appetizer from $5 to $8 (I think). At $5, it was a pretty good deal, at $8, maybe not so much. The tacos are pretty authentic Baja style made with cabbage, mayo and avocado, but I think the fish is Tilapia. The other fish tacos I have had around town (like at La Cazuela) are good, but not "Ensanada" style.

          1. I have always enjoyed them at Taco Fresco -