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Jul 2, 2007 06:37 PM

Looking for good bread in Baltimore

I'm a self-admitted bread snob who's new to the Baltimore area -- and I'm wondering if there's any good bakeries around where I can find some good old-world style (preferably French country sourdough type) bread in Baltimore.

I grew up in a house where my dad made all our bread by hand (we had a separate fridge just for starters/sponges/etc.) -- and never really ate store-bought bread until I went to college. For a while, I lived close enough to home be able to stock my freezer with dad-made bread on a regular basis -- but now I'm too far away and I'm dying for some good bread!

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  1. go to bonjour bakery located in the guilford area of baltimore. the pastry chef used to work w/ michel michard and george perrier. enough said...

    1. Bonaparte Bread in Fells Point, right on the water. Walk around the block and look into the kitchen window--you can see them scaling the baguettes using an old school scale. Gateau St. Honore is outstanding, but they don't have it all the time.

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        I most heartily second the Bonaparte's recommendation. I think their main site is in Savage (could be wrong!) and I wasn't aware they were in Baltimore as well, but I highly recommend their breads (as well as pastries, too!). I always get their early or call the day before. Why? Their stuff sells out....FAST. Seriously. I love big slices of bread, so I prefer their [i]miches[/i] over their [i]boules[/i] (although these are also quite nice). The make great [i]brotchen[/i], my name for their rolls, as well as baguettes and specialty breads too. If you don't get there early, there is no guarantee that they will have what you want. The only way to avoid this experience, is to call a day or two ahead and pre-order what you want, which they will gladly do. They will pre-slice it for you if you desire, but I prefer to slice my own as I need it.


      2. Stone Mill at Greenspring Station has good bread.

        1. Atwater's in Belvedere Square (Northern Parkway and York Road) is good at everything; Patisserie Poupon (but not a wide selection, often just brioche) downtown on Baltimore Street.

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            I stopped in Patisserie Poupon several months ago expecting to be able to pick up a baguette and was told they don't make bread. lawhound might know better than I, but I wouldn't count on PP to serve bread needs.

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              Yes, I agree Atwater's is good at everything (sourdough, ciabatta, etc.) Just an fyi: they do not bake baguettes. At least I've never seen them. Also, they bake throughout the day so everything is fresh.

              I mention this in contrast to picking up a loaf or two at Eddie's supermarket on Roland Ave. I have picked up a loaf or two myself in the past, after work, to find them dry. I chalked that up to them getting their bakery deliveries in the morning and that's it for the day. Maybe an Eddie's fan can correct me on this one...

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                Atwaters and Bonjour Bakery (on Falls Road) both make good, real bread. I've never been a big fan of Stone Mill. Atwaters does make baguettes, you just have to get there early, or call ahead and ask them to set one aside. They also sell at the farmers markets - Waverly on Saturday, under the JFX on Sunday.

                Patisserie Poupon makes amazing, beautiful pastry, but as far as I know, no bread.

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                  Atwater baguettes are usually available Saturdays at the Falls Church farmers' market.

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                    That hardly qualifies as "in Baltimore".

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                      purely meant to reinforce the fact that Atwater does indeed make baguettes, despite paulyr's comment to the contrary. I doubt they are making them just for the Falls Church market.

              2. I've always been interested in trying to make sourdough, does anyone in Baltimore keep sourdough cultures going that would like to share? I've just recently started making bread on a semi-regular basis, so I'm sort of warming up to the harder kinds.