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Jul 2, 2007 06:25 PM

Best Bakery for Birthday cake

Need to find the best bakery in Manhattan that makes the best cake for a birthday party that isn't a fortune?

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  1. I think Magnolia is still a good bet for birthday cakes. I always think of the best cakes as being homey and lovely and delicious, and you can't wait to cut into them and you don't feel like you're breaking into a piece of artwork.

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    1. re: fayehess

      Anybody ever have Lady M cakes? Are they worth it?

      1. re: TheWinechick

        NO. Way overpriced and so disappointing. Don't go to Lady M. Bad, bad, bad.

        1. re: Chef D Quizzing

          Yup, wayyyyy overpriced. They sell cakes by the slice if you're interested in anything in particular.

          I like Two Little Red Hens. Veniero's and the bakery on the corner of the same block is also very good.

        2. re: TheWinechick

          It's been a couple of years, but I've had the mille crepes cake and thought it was worth it, despite the hefty price tag. My favorite for traditional cakes is Billy's.

      2. Sugar Sweet Sunshine won't break the bank. And they make everything on site.

        For an impressive and delicious cake for a more money, Tomkins Square Bakery is the bomb diggity:

        I've only eaten some cake from them, didn't buy it so don't know how much it was, but they make all their stuff on site, too.

          1. re: batterypark

            I think Two Little Hens has excellent cakes. I recently purchased a birthday cake from there and it was a huge hit!

            1. re: jackieparis

              The Brooklyn Blackout Cake from Two Little Red Hens is outta this world.

          2. amy's bread.. i got the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting -- responses to it went something like "this is the best bday cake i've ever had." wonderful!

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            1. re: AndreaLynn

              I got a beautiful cake at Cupcake Cafe, and it was very delicious. The cakes are very "girly" with gorgeous icing flowers. There are two locations. Not too pricey. I was the hit at the bridal shower with this confection!

              1. re: Cookiepuss

                I just want to say that I ordered my wedding cake and cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe and they were ALL delicious. We ordered a 6" cake for the top and for cutting and then we ordered 3 flavors of cupcakes for the tiers and for guests. Not only was it incredibly reasonable and went with the feel of our wedding, but they were delicious. It is over a month after my wedding and people are still telling me and my husband how much they loved the cupcakes. If we did not have the cake on the top, we would not have even tasted the cupcakes. I say go with Cupcake Cafe!

              2. re: AndreaLynn

                I gotta say though...I got the red velvet cake from Amy's for my birthday. While the cake was good, the frosting was like a slick layer of butter that was so overwhelming I had to scrape it off. I hope the chocolate is better!

              3. Thank you for all the great recommendations.

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                1. re: TheWinechick

                  If you into chocolate, the Blackout cake from Duane Park Patisserie is divine.