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Jul 2, 2007 05:54 PM

Bamboo Gardens in Bellevue

Anybody been to this place? Supposed to be linked to Szechuan Chef...which is a good thing in my mind.

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  1. I like this place alot. It is tough to identify anything that sets it apart from Szechuan Chef, except maybe its decor is better. I think Chef's menu is a bit more extensive than that of Bamboo Garden, but both places have huge menus compared to 7 Stars Pepper Szechuan in the ID. Here is a post that links to the Seattle Weekly review of Bamboo Garden toward the end.

    1. I just wrote about it in the Chinese thread further down. I've never heard that it's linked to Szechuan Chef-it doesn't have the same owners. It does have a similar menu to SC and 7 Stars, as well as a former 7 Stars waitress as manager.

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        The waitress also worked at Szechaun Chef--perhaps that's why people think the places are linked. I haven't heard of any other connection between Bamboo Garden and Szechuan Chef either.

      2. The link to SC is that both SC and BG have cooks that were at Seven Star Peppers. I enjoyed BG's Twice-cooked Fish.

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          Do they have a hot pot at Bamboo Garden?

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            Yes. I haven't tried it but it seems to be a popular order there.

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              UPDATE: Upon a visit tonight, the dinner menu offered at Bamboo Garden had changed drastically. What been a menu of over 150 dishes was probably down to around 100. The previously lengthy "szechuan cold appetizers" were slashed including the delicious and regally named "strange flavor tripe"; the only item remaining was "szechuan cold noodle". The usually popular hot pots were all gone, as were any dishes including intestine or "wild chili pepper". Not surprisingly, all of the Chinese-American banalities readily available anywhere else uniformly avoided the axe. The damp, cold turn in the weather had made me seek the hot pot, so I tried to get it anyway, and the waiter said that it had been purged one month ago. I needled him, asking if the place was "going farang-style" and he just smiled. Later, he asked me privately: "you like Szechuan food?", and I replied that I loved it and was sorry to see the hot pot abandoned. "It is very spicy. American don't like spicy" he said.

              The dishes we did order were prepared as well as before, and those that had been marked "spicy" on the menu were as bright with chile and numbing from szechuan peppercorn as I recalled: dan dan noodle, chongqing hot chicken. The camphor wood and tea smoked duck was rich and tender.

              I was saddened to see hard evidence of a fine restaurant sacrificing its deep and authentic menu and robust flavor to perceptions of the xenophobe palate. While I would like to think these perceptions are often unfounded, I couldn't help but notice that before ordering, several members of my family were greatly preoccupied by avoiding the potential for heat, and devising means of requesting its elimination. Still, catering to this "American" fear seemed sort of spurious--every time I've come in for dinner the patrons have been almost entirely Asian. Maybe its the lunch crowd that seals the deal. Say it ain't so, Bamboo!

        2. The lunch here is a STEAL at $4.99. Can't believe it's so cheap for the quality of food and location. Service is so-so, but at this price I'm more than happy to find my own water pitcher :)

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            Thanks EQ! I did sneak a hot pot in here before they shut it down. Too bad. I love that stuff and I'm disappointed that they changed their menu.

          2. i'm shocked by the good reviews this place has seemed to have gotten. Perhaps it was a fluke, but my brother and i tried this place during it's grand opening month and have never wanted to go back. the soup was woefully underseasoned while the crispy fish was so salty, it was inedible. the chicken was very sweet and was about as good as the general tso's chicken featured at safeway..blech. however, one positive note was the scallion pancake...We were just very disappointed that it was the only thing that we could finish.