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Jul 2, 2007 05:52 PM

New Yogurt Bar on Octavia at Union

Anyone check out the Yogurt Bar yet? Its supposedly "SF's version of Pinkberry". I'm curious if anyone who has actually tried Pinkberry can compare the two. I have not tried Pinkberry, but am fairly obsessed with finding something like it in the bay area. I have had the "Mangoberry" flavor at Michelle's in Berkeley, which is essentially natural flavored fro yo, and LOVED it. Sadly, I was really dissapointed with the yogurt at the yogurt bar. The original flavor is not nearly as tart as the Michelle's version and the taste is sort of flat in general and left me with a semi-nasty/strange after taste. I also tasted the grean tea flavor and found it nealry inedible. How does it compare to the real thing?

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  1. check out Harmony in San Carlos if its not too far for you.
    maybe not worth driving far for, can not come close to Pinkberry. I had recently returned from LA, and enjoyed pinkberry everyday, but did not enjoy waiting in line.

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      It tastes exactly like Pinkberry-- in fact, the only difference is the lack of computerized ordering and the lines. I had a chuckle when a woman in front of me asked "What's the big deal with Pinkberry, anyway?" and the girl behind the counter said, "I have NO idea" thoughts were that perhaps she has no idea that they are a primo knock-off, right down to the only two flavors offered. I am happy they are here in San Francisco but was disappointed with the tiny spoonful of topping the guy behind the counter gave me- I paid for two plastic spoonfuls of topping that did not amount to much more than a regular table spoon of yogurt chips. Not worth the extra cost.

      1. re: sirima

        just checked it out. now they have 4 flavors. today it was blueberry, strawberry, plain and green tea. had a taste of the strawberry and it was just plain nasty, very artificial tasting. went with plain with fresh raspberries on top and it was pretty good. maybe because the girl behind the counter really heaped on the fruit.

        1. re: sirima

          I thought it tasted a little different from pinkberry - at least I think I had pinkberry in LA earlier this year. It was definitely very similar but icier than pinkberry. However, I was pretty bummed out about the lack of flavors offered. I was there when they had strawberry, green tea, blueberry, and plain.

          The place I went to in LA had eight flavors and a lot more varieties of toppings to choose from. That and they didn't just give me a little spoonful of topping. Are toppings really that expensive that they skimp out on it? Geez.

      2. My Girlfriend is from LA and we just went this past weekend. She's a Yogurt Whore and loves Pinkberry and says that Yogurt Bar is crap. It leaves a sour cream after taste and she won't go back. I tried the strawberry and the flavoring drowned out any sour cream issues for me.