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Jul 2, 2007 05:18 PM

Need Rec. for group dinner Saturday (Las Vegas)

So, I am trying to find a restaurant for my birthday this Saturday. There will be 14 people and I'd like stay between $30-50/pp. Hopefully something not too casual given the price range. I tried to make a reservation at Emeril's Fish House, but alas, they are already booked. So, now I'm panicking and am trying to find something similar (in price and atmosphere, not necessarily cuisine). Does anyone have any ideas on the next restaurant I should try? I would also like to stick to the Strip (or superclose to it) because it will be easier to wrangle everyone up.

Any ideas, Chowhounds? Am I completely crazy for trying to find this type of restaurant? Does it even exist? Thanks for any/all advice!

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  1. Had dinner at Enoteca San Marco in the Venetian the other night, and I think it would fit your price range, though perhaps it's too casual. I did notice some rooms in the back of the restaurant, at least one of which was set up for a large group, that might make it a little nicer than sitting in the part that's in St Mark's Square and has all the attendant noise and fuss.

    1. Does your price range include alcohol? Have you searched on Open Table yet (assuming it can accommodate your group's size)? Although many of the Strip restaurants aren't on it (an irritant to a loyal OT user like me), many are. My ideas are Mon Ami Gabi, Mesa Grill, Olives, maybe Bouchon. Fiamma might work if enough people stick to pasta, but pasta might not sound that appealing in July. These restaurants might push your upper limit, price-wise, but honestly I think Emeril's would too. Good luck.