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Jul 2, 2007 05:12 PM

Where to have Thanksgiving Dinner in Big Sur?

We are thinking of heading to Big Sur for Thanksgiving. We have not been there before and were hoping for suggestions of where to have the big dinner and other places to eat. We will be staying at the Big Sur Lodge and wondered how the restaurant is there.

Thank you!

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  1. restaurant is seriously bad at the lodge but i like the cabins and the fireplaces. you might consider deetjen's (down the road a piece) but i don't know if they have a thanksgiving dinner. i think you're smart starting this thread now.

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      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for the info! I was a bit afraid to post so far in advance; did not want to get razzed.

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        never worry about getting razzed :-).

    2. If you don't mind spending some $$, check out Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn. It is generally very well reviewed and will give you that "special occasion" feel. The restaurant at Ventana is also supposed to be good. Deetjen's is also supposed to have really good food (especially breakfast) but not sure about Thanksgiving - you should probably call.

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        Sierra Mar will probably be out our price range although we might try it for lunch. Deetjen's said that they are just open for guest on Thanksgiving but we may try it before or after. Thank you for the suggestions!

      2. O.K - here is the local secret - I'd call the Esalen Institute (google for the number) and ask if it is possible to buy dinner there. They might say yes.

        Or, head north to Asilomar in Pacific Grove CA (call first too) for a great and very local experience.

        Have fun!

        1. My husband and 2 sons stayed at Big Sur Lodge the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2005 and had Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge. We usually go to Southern Cal for Thanksgiving to be with family but couldn't make it for this year. We ate at the Lodge and we all loved it!! At that time there was a new chef that had had a write up about him in the local Monterey paper. If that chef is still there, I would definitely recommend the Lodge. And of course you cannot ask for a more beautiful spot to hike after your Thanksgiving meal. I guess they have a minimum 2-day stay on holidays but the Holiday was considered to be Thursday and Friday so we stayed just for Wednesday night, hiked before our Thanksgiving dinner (at about 2:00pm) on Thursday, took another great hike after our meal and made it back home to Pacific Grove (we even had doggie bags for left overs) pumkin pie and pecan pie....yummm.