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Stuck in a hotel with no car... Four Points Sheraton LAX

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So, what is one to do for food when there is no transportation available? What's walking distance, and what's worth ordering delivery for? I'll be stuck there for almost an entire week so, the more suggestions, the merrier.

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  1. For Steak Shula's 347 gets very high reviews here. I went about 18 months ago and was very happy.

    Shula's 347 Grill Los Angeles
    at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Los Angeles
    6101 W. Century Blvd.
    Los Angeles, California 90045
    (310) 642-4820

    Also, if you need to escape the hotel living then maybe take a short cab ride to just the other side of LAX to the old town section of El Segundo. A very nice area to walk around on Main Street and get something to eat. Below are two places I get very good sandwiches at good prices. Last weekend I was sitting at Rinaldi's when a cab pulled up out front and the rider ran inside and grabed a bag with two subs while on the way to LAX. Good stuff. Maybe other Hounds can give a rec for other places there on Main St. I noticed several other places that are full of people at breakfast, lunch, dinner. Round-trip cab would need to be set up first because it may be hard to get a cab on Main st. back to the hotel otherwise.

    Original Rinaldi's (Italian combo, Meat Ball sandwich, Hot Chicken sandwich or anything they make)
    323 Main St.
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    (310) 647-2860
    From N. Sepulveda Blvd go West on E. Grand to Main St.
    From W. Imperial Ave. Go South on Main
    Right across from the Fire Department

    Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub (Best Cheese steak in L.A., Get the 18" – Nuff Said!
    )507 Main St.
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    (310) 726-9638

    1. I believe the hotel you're in has a "beer sommelier." I was there a few years ago, and had a tasting menu of eight different beers. Not too expensive, and I haven't seen that sort of thing around...

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        I think it's TH Brewster's with the fabulous beer selection. Beer geeks all over the city love it.

      2. Wow, you're really in a food wasteland. The In-n-Out burger on Sepulveda @ Lincoln is close enough to walk (although it won't be the most scenic route in the world.) Also, there's a coffee shop cleverly called "The Coffee Company" on Manchester about two blocks east of Sepulveda that's gotten ok reviews on the board. I hope others have more suggestions, good luck.

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          Ya, In'n out is great and a must try. Is it possiable to walk accross Sepulveda? I think it must be because it would be bad public relations for In'n Out to hang that location in front of those airport hotels just to tease the good people there.

          Burgers (Say “Double-Double” for double meat & double cheese and if you like it messy with extra sauce then also say “Animal style”)
          In’n Out Burger
          9149 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
          Westchester, California 90045
          Sunday through Thursday 10:30 a.m.-1:00 a.m.
          Friday and Saturday 10:30 a.m.-1:30 a.m.

        2. Quite good Thai food at Ayara in Westchester. 1.2 miles from the hotel.

          6245 W 87th St Westchester, CA 90045

          1. Pann's is a classic googie coffee shop with excellent fare at a good price. It's a close call, but their pricing could almost justify the cost of a cab ride if you're in the mood for this kind of thing. In any case, there have been lots of posts here about the place so you can do a search to see if it's worth the trip.

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              Ya, I looked at my map and Pann's is a close cab ride and a good call. Those fried chicken wings are worth driving across town for. Round-trip cab would need to be set up first because it may be hard to get a cab at Pann's otherewise. Also, "googie coffee shop." This is a googie dream classic coffee shop -- back to the future (1956). It is worth the cab ride just to see the inside of this place (Southern California Food History 101).

              Pann’s (Fried Chicken wings and waffles, pea soup,
              6710 La Tijera Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA
              (323) 776-3770
              Cross Street: La Cienega Boulevard

            2. A week? Ouch. For classic L.A.-style Mexican dinners and margaritas, I'd recommend "Hacienda del Rey" up Lincoln near Manchester Blvd.:

              8347 Lincoln Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA 90045
              (310) 670-8588

              I'd check w/ the concierge whether you could get there by bus - I'm sure it's possible, but it's probably no more than a 10-min. cab ride away.

              1. Do you have a room fridge? Why not rent the car for 3 nites, order big and eat leftovers the other 3 nites?

                1. Check w/the concierge. The airport hotels used to have a bus that would p/u guests and take them to Santa Monica. Maybe you can hop on one...

                  1. Don't rule out the Palm Grill at the hotel. I've had a couple pretty good business meeting luncheons and dinners there and you wouldn't imagine its a hotel restaurant. Service and food were top notch.

                    1. There is a city bus from airport to Santa Monica. Check with the hotel for details.

                      1. If you can get as far as the places suggested so far, especially InOut, then if you walk a few more blocks up Sepulveda there are many more restaurants. They aren't necessarily good restaurants, but after you do the burger (which, of course, you must do) and the walk doesn't kill you, then go on the same walk the next night and keep walking to find chain units.

                        If you do this walk, you will also be able to make it to Truxton's.

                        My suggestion, as someone who has been in your shoes in other cities: Befriend (and nicely tip) the night-shift hotel van driver and get some cheap rides and pickups to this area.

                        Have a nice stay.

                        1. How about a cheap taxi ride to Beechwood or Joes (Abbot Kinney in Venice)

                          1. Go back to LAX and pick up the shuttle to Union Station. It’s a freeway-flyer and very fast, $3 each way. Dine at Traxx in their wonderful patio. Definitely chowhoundable food. You’ll also be in the neighborhood of Patina, for fine dining, or historic Philippe’s and many more. From that point you can also get Metrolink to Thai-town in Hollywood, or Pasadena… or walk over to First Street and explore Little Tokyo. Depending on your time of day, there is a downtown mini-shuttle that has tons of good stops.

                            another choice: Go to your hotel concierge and get directions to pick-up The Big Blue bus. Its behind your hotel. This line will take you along Lincoln Blvd. past Hacienda del Rey for margaritas, Baby Blues for BBQ and beyond into Santa Monica. A definite choice would be to stop at Bay Cities Italian Deli for, arguably, the best Italian subs in the city. But call ahead to place your order. They are packed.
                            So now you have downtown L.A. and Santa Monica at your fingertips. Go forth, eat and report back!

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                              What a great idea to suggest public transportation that is actually convenient. Also Olvera Street is right across the street from Union Station, and Chinatown is a short walk too.

                              While in Santa Monica - try The Lobster for the best sunset view and Mojito. On the Prommenade, I like Falafel King. Order extra chips and tahini, so worth the calories. Giraffe is a favorite too. The roasted beet and goat cheese is wonderful. Rafael Lunetta is my food god.

                            2. rent a car and drive to Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach....

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                                Maybe she doesn't drive? Just a thought...

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                                  If she does drive, Hertz is right across the street from the hotel.

                                2. There are several restaurants at the Howard Hughes Promenade. You could probably get a free ride there on the Radisson Culver City hotel shuttle and then walk over from there.


                                  Also, if you are up for a walk or can get a shuttle to drop you off, the Proud Bird is 1.4 miles away. Would let you really continue the airport living theme as you eat and watch planes land.


                                  1. Here's a posting that just came up that will help you in the "legs" department of your predicament. Westwood can easily take up half a day if you walk, shop, eat, and take in a movie...


                                    1. Try looking up www.labite.com they deliver. They have some great choices too!

                                        1. I concur with the Shula's recommendation, though I can't remember exactly how far the Four Points is from the Gateway. Here is my report:


                                          This thread might also be useful:


                                          Overall, though, if you are going to be there a week, I'd heed the public transit suggestions...

                                          1. So, Asia, what have you done?

                                            1. http://www.salernobeach.com/
                                              Try this place, Cantalini's in Salerno Beach, which is the beach side of Westchester - basically due west off the north end of the airport.
                                              Authentic Italian and very good - including such things as appetizer orders of sauteed spinach in garlic and olive oil.
                                              here is the menu:
                                              In a previous life, my organization would have folks fly in for meetings at the Sheraton and then we were on our own for dinner. I live in the South Bay and it is a cab ride to this place, which is also located in a nice, out-of-the-way spot.
                                              very chowhoundish.

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                                                  Ended up having a friend come visit me one day (With a car) and we headed over to El Segundo.
                                                  For dinner, we ate at the Whole Foods (which by the way, is unlike ANY "grocery store" I've ever seen). They even had a wine bar with amazing charcuterie plates... loved it! I bought a lot of stuff while I was there because there is a refrigerator in the room (but no microwave).
                                                  Also ended up having some breakfast at The Palm Grill (?) in the hotel. I'd say, not bad for what they were charging but, I wouldn't come to the hotel just for that either.

                                                  For dinner, I had also ended up at the T.H. Brewster's in the hotel. They do have quite an amazing selection of beer for a hotel bar! I was extremely impressed!! I had some kind of Chimay and burger. The fries are really good... they're kind of like the seasoned curley fries you'd usually find. The "regular" curly fries have too much batter and not enough potato but, these fries at T.H. Brewster's 1) weren't curly 2) were a bit ticker (but not too thick and too potato-ey like steak fries) 4) didn't taste entirely like fried seasoned batter 3) were seasonsed quite nicely. Too bad there was no easy way for me to get out to Father's Office in Santa Monica!
                                                  Also went to Truxton's and Ayara Thai (both in the same plaza). Truxton's was pleasant as well as Ayara but, still, nothing to write home about. I certainly would not make a long drive to come to either of those places... which I guess means that they're not that chow-hound-ley...
                                                  I must say that I was very impressed by Fratelli's Steak House's burger. The person who came with me had a steak (which looked disgusting) but my burger was fantastic. Not much of an alcohol selection though. If only they had these burgers at T.H. Brewsters... now THAT would be perfect!
                                                  Also was lucky enough to get a ride out to Houston's. I love that place!! Found out that they don't charge corkage so, went came back another night with a bottle of wine purchased from Whole Foods. LOVE both places!!!
                                                  Thank you all for your suggestions... many of them helped in getting me to decent places.
                                                  I am not sure if anyone mentioned Whole Foods El Segundo but, that was my favorite find of all. It almost seemed like they had 7 different "restaurants" in the market. Each with their own table/sitting area. Great because you can pretty much have whatever you crave... whether it be Asian, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, American... they even have an oyster bar. WOW. My favorite though was the wine bar where you can taste wines by the glass.
                                                  Will be back again in the same predicament in a couple of weeks but, this time, I'm only there for half a week. I'll report back again soon!

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                                                      You more than paid for all the suggestions with your excellent report back. Thanks for following up.