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Jul 2, 2007 04:48 PM

Giorgio Baldi

Anyone been to Giorgio Baldi recently? Thoughts?

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  1. The restaurant is cramped and you could wait for your table even with a reservation. The food is amazing--like Italy italian, but prices are astronimical. Fun celebrity factor--I saw Hanks and Spielberg.

    1. FWIW - I don't think Georgio Baldi's is as good as many others proclaim. I've been to GB a couple of times and don't think its worth all of the hype. They are well known for their daily home made ravioloi but I wasn't very impressed and its so damn expensive as Michelle said. I think they benefit from the celebrity factor. The funghi and cheese and dover sole are good. The sauce on the dover sole is a pit too pungent for me. I prefer Madeo for pasta/authenticity and Il Sole for salads/dover sole/celebrity factor.

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        I agree, the food is not great and it's overpriced. I think the food at Via Veneto is MUCH better and the service is friendlier.

      2. The place sucks, it seems unless you are a "somebody." We've been several times (the last, admittedly, a few years ago). Food, OK. Prices, sky-high! We were looking for a replacement for the in-law's favorite spot (the then defunct Marquis West) and we made it plain that here was a quiet couple who'd come in at 6:00 pm, stay 1 hour, spend a couple of hundred dollars, and do it 5 nights a week (they lived 3 minutes away). GB wasn't interested and actually discouraged us from coming. There are so many better places close to the Canyon.

        1. that place sucks big time. The last time I went there we were rushed to our seats and almost immediately the waiter came over to take our order. We hadn't even ordered drinks yet so we asked to put in a couple of appetizers... He told us that they were trying to "turn" the tables quicker so we had to order everything then. Give me a break. I'll never go back and tell everyone how much that place sucks

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