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Jul 2, 2007 04:13 PM


Anyone been yet? The place looks awesome, and I like restaurants that have trees growing in the middle of them, but am suspicious at how little I've heard so far.

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  1. I went last week & had the hamachi ceviche and a vodka & sage drink. The tree in the dining room is certainly a lovely feature, and the bar staff could not have been friendlier, but the ceviche was so citrus-y it tasted of little else (it was practically pickled by the time it got to me), and the drink was pleasant enough but very stingy for the price. It's a nice place to sit. Just not so much to eat or drink.

    1. I keep looking on the website at the menu, tempted to go I haven't heard much about it.

      Any new updates?

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        i actually ended up going even though i hadn't heard much from anyone. first off, it was incredible looking. kind of like stanton social - the olive tree is amazing, the walls were metal grates holding smooth stones. really impressive space. i had a couple cocktails before dinner which were great. we were sat promptly, service was very friendly if a bit scattered. the food was pretty hit or miss, but i forgive a lot when it's within the first month of opening. ceviche was great, guac with crab was fine, pork was overcooked, fish was great. sorry i can't be more specific, but it was awhile ago. overall i just remember there being, like, 2 too many ingredients in each dish. worth trying for yourself, i think.

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          Went a couple of weeks ago, and liked it a lot. My wife had the hamachi ceviche and grilled scallops with coconut rice and grilled squid, while I had tuna rellena -- shrimp, crab and avocado wrapped in sliced tuna, with cucumber and soy vinaigrette -- and breast of duck with duck leg confit, spinach and pan-seared foie gras. The waiter's pitch was a bit much, describing the "estilo libre" (i.e., freestyle) nature of the food and cocktails as though this was something really exotic, but I plan to go back soon.

        2. I ate at the bar a few days ago. The bartender was refreshingly helpful in describing and suggesting dishes. Everything was really flavorful and fresh. The guac and crab dip was delicious as was the seven seafood ceviche. I tried several of the cocktails but particularly enjoyed the one with mezcal. Rayuela has a comfortable ambiance. Not too loud but not so quiet you can hear pots clanking in the kitchen. The price prevents me from making this a regular spot but it's perfect for giving yourself a little foodie pick me up.

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          1. Has anyone tried Rayuela for brunch?

            1. I keep walking by Rayuela and wonder if it's time for us to give it a try. I did a search of this board and saw drinks and the following dishes mentioned (plus the ones in this thread):

              *olive pudding
              *agave nectar drizzled pancakes
              *foie gras arepa
              *crispy seafood
              *tuna wrapped roll
              *duck and seafood stew

              Has anyone been recently? Is it better for cocktails & apps, dinner or brunch? What would you recommend?

              Thanks. FDR