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Jul 2, 2007 04:04 PM

I'm blue over Red, White and Blue....

O.K., so I've come up with the plan for the 4th and decided that the recipe someone so graciously gave me for r,w and b potato salad was a nice idea. I've been all over Manhattan and central n.j. looking for the blue potatoes. Kings has tiny bags of the three colors together w/4 blue ones in the bag, but I'd have to buy 10 lbs/ (3.99/lb) to have enough blue to make a statement, SO, what can I use instead of blue potatoes? I've got red onions (more merlot than red), but that doesn't count for blue. Help! I've thought of eggplant, but I can't see the combo. Come on folks, I know you can do it!

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  1. Blue cheese? Decorate with the edible blue cornflowers? Outlined by blue corn chips?

    Those blue potatoes are really purple anyway.

    1. buy white potatoes and put some blue food colouring in the water??

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        Another dye thought would be dying egg whites blue though i'm kind of chuckling to myself thinking how guest are going to react to blue pieces of hard-boiled egg whites in the salad.

        This was a good site for what blue food there is out there.

        The only thing that might be acceptable is using a bed of red cabbage that will turn blue if cooked " Red cabbage, like many vegetable products with a strong colour (particularly beetroot, geranium flowers and red onions) is an effective indicator of pH - chemical acidity. When it is cooked in alkaline conditions, it turns a rather unpleasant pale blue colour."

        How about the potato salad served on blue plates or in a blue bowl. You could throw some cherry tomatoes in there to supplement the maroon onions.

        Don't forget though that the color blue is supposed to be an appetite suppressant. There was one diet plan that suggested using a blue table cloth and eating off of blue plates with blue plastic utensils ... yeah, I've tried it all. Didn't work. It's not like blue willow plates aren't a popular china pattern.

        I don't know, the black and blue sushi ... with spam ... didn't look that bad to me.

      2. I don't know if you can get purple cauliflower if you can't get purple potatoes easily but that might work, roasted. I've seen them in conventional grocery stores.

        1. Blue cornmeal... blue polenta fried cubes or baked...
          Blue corn tortilla chips crumbled and sprinkled in/over something

          1. Thank you all. While at a different Kings, I found a purple cauliflower that after a good steaming, turned blue. The salad was very succesful and highly reccomended.