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Jul 2, 2007 03:24 PM

visiting Blue Ginger tonight -- entree recs?

My aunt is visiting from out of town and wanted to go to Blue Ginger, so we've got reservations for tonight. I know that the place has received mixed reviews on this board, but we are definitely going, so I am looking more for recommendations as to which apps and entrees are the best choices. I was curious about the butterfish, but I have seen so many varying reviews that I am a bit wary. Aside from that, I am wavering between the following:

Mom’s Famous Three Vinegar Sautéed Organic Shrimp
with Roasted Garlic Fingerling Mashed Potatoes and Spicy Asparagus Salad


Crispy Skin Red Snapper with Sweet Corn-Ginger Sauce
with Makrut Lime Salsa Verde and Fresh Cilantro-House Pickled Ginger Salad

I am a pescetarian (seafood and veg only), so no recs are needed beyond your experiences with the seafood and vegetable dishes.


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  1. I've had the shrimp a couple of times and it's OK, but not knock-your-socks off fabulous, but then again, as much as I want to like this place, I find it only mediocre.

    1. My wife who does not like alot of fish really liked the butterfish on one visit and then rated it just OK on another. There does seem to be a correlation between Ming's presence and quality of experience (that is, it's better when he's there). I have been with guests who really enjoyed the lobster dish as well.