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Jul 2, 2007 03:10 PM

What Big and Straddles Glendale & Burbank? Golden Farms!

I have long been tempted based, on the sheer size to stop at Golden Farms and found myself on San Fernando Road fortuitously last week. It is really huge and funky but a veritable treasure trove if you can find a shopping cart with four working wheels. There’s a great assortment of fresh locally made baked goods, lots of interesting frozen items and a carryout section where I ordered two carry-out sandwiches, chicken and beef. They came on mediocre but freshly heated french bread with pickle and a variety of seasonings and fresh kabob meat and were absolutely delicious. If this were on a fresh baguette, it would be my new favorite sandwich but even on the somewhat squishy extant roll, it is a contender. There was a huge jar of dehydrated shallots, something I’d never seen before. It was explained that they are rehydrated and mixed with either lebni or yogurt. I asked the name of the dish and was told it’s called “shallots and yogurt” and lo and behold, that’s how it was labeled at the service deli. The deli itself (and the meat and fish counters too) was kind of dicey and there was something for sale which obviously showcased canned peas. Nevertheless, the shallots and yogurt was a fresh summer revelation on the store brand and un-greasy pita chips, as was the eggplant and pepper salad I scored. The produce department was heavy on good looking and inexpensive herbs and enormous barrels of beautiful freshly roasted nuts certainly beckoned too.

Golden Farms
6501 San Fernando Road
Glendale 91201

More about why what I eat is probably better than what you eat at

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  1. And this compares with SuperKing, at the OTHER end of the Glendale stretch of SanFernando Rd., (the Cam-Man's second favorite grocery, after Surfas) how? Does Golden Farms have Zankou-like chicken rotis?

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      Inferior. I work up the street from Golden Farms. I'd go there if I didn't have time to schlep all the way to Super King.

      To Layne: if you liked the sandwiches at Golden Farms, the sandwiches at Cafe Bravo will bowl you over. Hie thee hence! It's on Glenoaks near the DMV.

    2. The original comment has been removed