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Jul 2, 2007 02:52 PM


Hi all,

Is Hoegaarden kosher? More generally, any tips for knowing whether particular beers on tap are kosher?


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  1. not commenting on hoegaarden -- but beers in general (aside from flavored wheat beers) are usually good to go because of the old german purity laws.

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      The German beer purity laws were overturned eons ago as they interfere with EU commerce. Some German (and Czech!) beers say they follow the purity laws but they do it as a marketing gimmick. Being Belgian, these rules wouldn't apply to Hoegaarden anyways.

      As it is a plain wheat beer, Hoegaarden should be fine. The majority of beers are fine. Guinness is NOT made with gelatin and is also fine. My rabbi (who is Chabad but generally takes his kashrut to levels I've never seen anywhere) drinks flavored lambic beers. If you're unsure, avoid flavored beers. From a beer-snob view, you should be avoiding these 'beers' anyways. ;-)

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        I have seen Hoegaarden at Mikes Bistro so I am guessing the Rabbinate allow it. Good tasting beer by the way.

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          Hoegaarden actually is defined as a white beer. It is made in the village of Hoegaarden. It is one of my favorite beers and it has strong vanilla and orange flavors.
          A Lambic beer is made using wild yeats that ferments the brew in open vats. It is really quite an amazing process if anyone is interested. There are some Lambic beers that are acceptable.

          Generally, if a beer is unflavored, meaning no added juices have been added to the process, it should be fine. There is probably a list of beer that are unacceptable, as that list might be shorter. Check with the Chicago Rabbinical Council, they have a very extensice list of all kosher items that most restaurants follow.

          1. re: KosherChef

            Psss, white beers ARE wheat beers. Throughout Germany the terms weisse (white beer) and weizen (wheat) differ regionally refer to the same beer. In the Dutch/Flemish speaking world, which would include Hoegaarden, they are always referred to as witebieren (white beers).


            Former Grolsch inventory personnel

      2. In case anyone still cares a year later - my bottle of Hoegaarden has the Kosher symbol on it. Not sure whether this carries over to the draft?