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Jul 2, 2007 02:45 PM

New Cuban in Cary

Has anyone tried the new Cuban eatery called Havana Grill on Chatham? If so, please tell us your opinion.

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  1. It can be a bargain for lunch if you order from the cafeteria style line. $6 buys you one meat and two sides. So far I've had the ropa vieja and the picadillo. Both had great flavor. You can also order off a rather complete Cuban menu. The Cubano looked great. I think I'll have to try one next time I go.

    To me, the food tastes fresher than the now closed Havana Jax's in Wake Forest or Carmen's at the airport.

    The place was packed today at lunch and I didn't hear anyone complain about the food.

    It is in the old Biscuit/chicken/southern/mexican place at 404 W. Chatham. Let's hope it outlasts the former residents of the building.

    1. I had the Lechon Asado and it was a generous portion and quite delicious....but I was disappointed by the rice and black beans (both quality and size of portion given a $8.95 lunch). Plantains and bread were good, not great. Would definitely go back.