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Jul 2, 2007 02:15 PM

Recipes for dessert fondue - suggestions please!

Does anyone have any good recipe recommendations for dessert fondue for a party? Since this is for a party, is this something I could make ahead and then reheat there? Thanks in advance!

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  1. we typically do chocolate which you can do ahead and warm up there, and if it's a party you can put it on to heat when you get there and plenty ready by dessert time. Also, it's easy to prep the fruit, pound cake, marshmallows, advance as well.

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      Here's a recipe that works for me. It makes 2-4 servings, so you'll want to make more.

      8 oz. best-quality semi-sweet or dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
      ¾ c. cream, briefly scalded
      3 T. liqueur (I prefer Grand Marnier, but Framboise, Kahlua, or other fruit- or coffee-flavored liqueurs will also work)

      Dipping suggestions: Fresh berries, orange slices, pretzels, nuts, pieces of brownies or pound cake, caramels, other fruits

      Put the chocolate in a bowl, preferably stainless steel, and pour the hot cream over it. After a few minutes, whisk the mixture until smooth, and then whisk in the liqueur. Pour chocolate into a fondue pot set to a low setting and serve with the dipping items of your choice.

      If you're going to make it ahead, I would suggest storing it in a zip-loc bag, and then putting the bag in a hot water bath until it starts melting. Then put it in your fondue pot.

    2. If you really wanted to make it ahead, you could, but there's no point since the main part of making fondue is heating it. Chop a pound of chocolate (this is about the only thing I'd worry about doing in advance, and even then it happens in a blink with a few pulses of a food processor), add a cup of cream, and mix them together in a bowl. Put the bowl over a pan of water at a fast simmer, and stir until the chocolate is melted. Optionally, add a shot or two of your favorite liqueur (for an added touch get a good sized metal spoon, pour in liqueur, heat it from below with a lighter, then light the alcohol before adding to the chocolate), swirl it in, and serve.

      Dip into the chocolate, well, anything you would like to dip into chocolate. Items that I would consider practically mandatory include pound cake cubes, strawberries, and marshmallows. From there, the sky is the limit; as long as it can be dipped into chocolate either with one's fingers or speared on a fork without falling off. Graham crackers are good (especially teamed with the marshmallows), little squares of cheesecake are terrific, mini cookies are fun too.