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Jul 2, 2007 02:15 PM

5 Days in SF. In need of opinions/suggestions?

Hello Chowhounds,

This is my first post, so thanks ahead of time for all the suggestions! I am traveling to San Francisco for about 5 days are so with family (of 4, no young ones). I'm looking for decent priced places (up to $30 meal). Would love a great sandwich/cafe/bakery style place, some sushi suggestions and a place with a great view/water view.

So far I'm interested in..
A16, Bocadillos, Bistro AIX, Cafe Claude, Cafe Delucchi, Tartine, Matterhorn Swiss, Sams Grill and Seafood, Tadich Grill.

I'd appreciate any opinions you have or suggestions, this is our first trip to San Francisco so I began my search for great places fairly blind. Thanks ahead of time!!

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  1. Sam's and Tadich have virtually identical menus, except that Sam's is cheaper.

    1. If you're looking for great sushi, try Zushi Puzzle. The decor is a little off-putting, but they have FANTASTIC sushi. Definitely try to sit at the sushi bar (call to make reservations), and try the butterfish.

      1. Hey Jenny, John's Grill on Ellis street is a great place for a salad lunch. My mom and I used to go shopping in SF and stop here everytime. The Jack London Salad is big enough for two people and it won't break the bank if you add a cup of soup with it.

        There is a resturant in China town called Kathy's that is good. You have each person pick a plate and you are set. The Sodas are NOT free refills. Don't find out the hard way.

        NorthBay Pizza is always something to try. Big ole pizzas.

        If you are into a fun kick back hamburger joint you have to try Mel's drive in. There are a couple in town. See which one is closest to you.

        Enjoy!! Remember to pack warm clothes. SF maybe in California but it is not the warmest. Carry a jacket at all times.

        1. You'll definitely like Tartine... and as long as you're there, stop by Bi-Rite Creamery for ice cream. Also take a look at both Delfina and Pizzeria Delfina, all on the same block.

          In North Beach - Liguria Bakery for focaccia, XOX for truffles.

          Does $30 include beverage, tax, and tip? ($30 goes fast in SF).

          Any interest in Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese?

          1. Fab restaurants that won't break the bank -
            Little Star Pizza (we go to the Divisadero location)
            Chez Maman (we go to the Union Street location
            Blue Plate
            Osha Thai (we go to the Union Street location

            You guys should also totally check out the Ferry Plaza while you're here and grab lunch or happy hour - this place is a MUST DO - if you like oysters the Hog Island Oyster Bar there has a great deal during happy hour - but there's tons of great food options there where you're sitting out on the water looking out at the Bay Bridge, totally SF and totally amazing -
            this one has a great crab sandwich and clam chowder - http://www.ferrybuildingmarketplace.c...

            Another cool thing to do would be to go to the Hangar Vodka distillery in Alameda, you take the ferry over, supposed to be a lot of fun...

            Stinson Beach is a nice area to walk on the beach by the Golden Gate Bridge, and take in the view...

            Other places with great happy hour deals - Bacar ($1 oysters, half off beer and cocktails -, Scott Howard (same deal -


            Re your comments:

            I second Zushi for best sushi but you will spend far more than $30 a head if you're ordering a lot of fish.

            Bocadillos is FAR cheaper for lunch if you're trying to save cash.

            Would definitely recommend knocking out seafood and view in one go at Ferry Plaza.

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              Thanks for all the great suggestions!!!! I look forward to trying all these great places and seeing the city!

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                We love John's and our favorite is Tadich...Do a dim sum lunch at Yank Sing...delicious and interesting...a bit expensive ( those little plates really get expensive...we spent $75 for two!)....