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Jul 2, 2007 02:14 PM

Crabs in Black Bean Sauce

Coming to The Apple (probably going to be the baked apple by then) in August
and looking for the absolute BEST in Chinatown. Don't recommend the disgusting
and filthy sounding ones I've seen on the boards. I don't demand sanitary but
clean would be nice.
Jonesing for really fine Chinese food from out here in the hinterlands where they
know NOTHING about it whatsoever.

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  1. Yeah Shanghai Deluxe on Bayard Street.

    1. I haven't eaten crabs in black bean sauce anywhere except at Hop Kee (downstairs at 21 Mott). Since I haven't compared them to anyone else's, I can't say they're the best, but we rarely miss an opportunity to get them when we're in the neighborhood.

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      1. re: Deenso

        i walked by last week and it looked like they were renovating-anyone know for sure?i love this place

      2. Thank you so much. We went to Yeah... and had a truly great meal. It's an unusual Chinatown restaurant in that most of the wait staff speak English and were extremely attentive. We wound up ordering the crabs with scallion and ginger instead of black bean sauce and it was a good choice. The ginger was very young and very finely sliced length-wise as were the scallions.
        I only wish I could go back once a week instead of every few years...

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        1. re: Tucson Tessie

          where is this? and im sure i dont have to ask but was it clean?

          1. re: nyebaby37

            New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe is at 65 Bayard St. You can find the menu on line if you look for it. And, yes, it was very clean. (and you might very well ask, why not? Have you seen some of the cleanliness reviews of Chinatown restaurants on the Manhattan boards?) By the way, the Chinatown Ice Cream Parlor (I think that's the name) is right next door if you have some room and a taste for green tea ice cream (they have other unusual flavors).

        2. Hop Lee, which is across from Hop Kee- I think it is 16 Mott - has great crabs - My family has been going there for at least the past 30 years and it's clean...