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Jul 2, 2007 02:00 PM

Driving BOS (airport) - Framingham. Where to stop for dinner?

My flight lands at BOS at 6:45 pm. My hotel is in Framingham. Where should I stop for dinner between the two? I'll have a rental car and a GPS navigator, so I can find places off the interstate if I have the address, but I'd rather not go too far afield.

I'm not real big on seafood or steakhouses, and I'm on an expense account that will support a meal (incl. 1 glass of wine) up to maybe $50 or $60, though $40-$50 is more comfortable.

Favorite cuisines are French, Thai, Brazilian steak, Tapas, Indian, Italian, but I'll try anything else that sounds intriguing.


p.s., This is my first posting, so I hope I'm not going too far afoul with this request. There are a lot of recommendations here, but if there's a way to limit a search for the specific route I'll be on, I don't know how to do it.

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  1. Try Central Kitchen in Cambridge. it's about 10 minutes off the Mass Pike (I-90) and it should be fairly easy to park nearby. Very nice bar and great food, lots of discussion of this place on the board.

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    1. re: DavisSquare

      Central Kitchen is an excellent option. If you do go, take I-90 west from the airport to the Cambridge exit (first exit after you come out of the Ted Williams tunnel), and then follow your GPS. Your GPS may send you a different way from the airport, but this will be the easiest.

      Another good option, if you'd prefer to eat in the city as opposed to Framingham, is Eastern Standard Kitchen, in Kenmore Sq., a board favorite. Again, regardless of what your GPS says, I would recommend taking I-90 west from the airport to the Cambridge exit and then follow your GPS.

      The North End recommendation is a good one, too. The problem is, however, that parking is VERY difficult, except at the higher end places that offer valet parking. But some of those may be good choices for you. Note, however, that your GPS unit will not work in the tunnels underneath the city, so make note of pollystyrene's directions below; it really is easy on/easy off.

    2. Well if you like barbeque there is a Firefly's in Framingham.

      Their food is excellent and I have had great service at the Framingham restaurant.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi,

        I'd recommend Morn's Thai Restaurant at 15 E Plain St. Wayland, MA, just off of Route 30. Wayland abuts Framingham (no more than a mile) so you should be very close to your hotel. A couple of my favorites there are Wild Boar Basil and Chicken Green Curry. Both of these are very flavorful and quite spicy but you can certainly ask them to alter the heat if you like. The prices are well within the $40-$50 range.

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        1. re: JoJo5

          I live less than a mile from Morns, and I don't think it would even make my top 50 of places to hit between Logan and Framingham. There's nothing wrong with it. I like it for take-out Pad Thai when I don't feel like Pizza. (Thanks for the recs, though, I'll pass them onto my meat-eating friends and family.) There's just so much else that's noteworthy.

          Why not take the Sumner tunnel instead of the Ted Williams out of the airport (they both head in the same direction) and land smack dab in the North End? (Really, you can smell the wonderful North End cooking as soon as you emerge from the tunnel.)You could park at one of the lots on Commercial Ave. If you haven't been to the North End, you shouldn't miss it. It's Boston's Little Italy. You'll feel like you're on vacation instead of business.

          I recommend Pizzeria Regina for the city's greatest pizza, or, to soak up more of your budget, try Taranta, authentic Italian with (optional) Peruvian influences at the beginning of Hanover St. Then go to Mike's for unforgettable pastry--try the lobster tails--or sit at Cafe Vittoria for coffee and pastry. (Both also on Hanover.) The North End is small, so everything is in walking distance. It's a charming, delicious place.

          Heading back out, go left on Commercial, follow the signs to get on 93 South, and there's an exit in the tunnel for the Mass Pike (watch closely for it). All that happens within a couple of miles. GPS is must-have for those unfamiliar with Boston. I live here and find myself needing it.

        2. Hi beauxeault,
          I don't know how long your flight is but, if it were me, I'd want to find somewhere decent within an easy drive of my hotel after dining. So, again for me, that would rule Cambridge or the North End out as much as I like 'em. You're not a big fan of seafood or steakhouses so that also rules out my recs of Legal Seafood & Metro 9 Steakhouse. Obtw, I also live in Wayland within a mile of Morn's Thai Restaurant and agree whole heartedly with JoJo5. It is very good. Some additional good picks, for carnivores or otherwise, in Framingham proper are:

          The Aegean Restaurant (up-scale Greek) 157 Cochituate Rd,/Rte. 30 01701

          Michi Kusa (Great sushi specialist here) 2 Beacon St, 01701
          (just off Rte. 9) no website

          These last three made the Head Hound, Jim Leff, go nuts on his blog:

          Sichuan Gourmet II (Real Sichuan, read spicy) 279 Worcester Rd,/Rte.9W 01701

          Uncle Cheung's ( Great Shanghai style here) 266 Worcester Rd./Rte9E 01701
          No website (Almost directly opposite Sichuan Gourmet II)
          Note: I edited this after tomaneng's post because this what I meant to post originally.
          I still like Chef Orient but Uncle Cheung's is superior. I gotta stop these midnight postings!
          Dakshin (Great multi-regional Indian fare) 672 Waverly St./Rte.135 (downtown) 01702

          Enjoy yourself where ever you decide,

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          1. re: Harp00n

            Two of your favorites, Brazilian Steak and Indian are in abundance in Framingham. Ipamena is a Churrascaria on Rte. 9. Haven't been but heard good things locally. For Italian, absolutely follow the OP's rec and go to the North End. It would be a sshame to be so close and not take the opportunity. I live in Framingham and when relatives visit we almost always take them to the N. End after picking them up from the airport. I agree with a couple of Harpoon's Framingham recs: Sichuan Gourmet is superb and the Aegean is pretty good but I must respectfully disagree with Michi Kusa and Chef Orient. If you want Japanese go to Oga, about 2 minutes over the Framingham border into Natick. Even Fugakyu in Sudbury is better IMO. For Chinese you are much better off with either Sichuan Gourmet or Uncle Cheung's. Chef Orient's chinese menu is full-on americanized chinese. They do that well but I wouldn't recommend it for other than take out. Haven't been to Daksin but we do like Rasoi, also on Rte. 9

            1. re: tomaneng

              Hey tomaneng,
              First off I've gotta get a life and stop these post-midnight postings! Although I do like Chef Orient and would respectfully disagree with your "full-on americanized" characterization, I do think Uncle Cheung's is the more unique and somewhat superior resto. I had MEANT to post Uncle Cheung's originally so I did a first for me, a do-over. Lol. As for sushi, I would rate Fugakyu II first and call it a toss-up between Michi Kusa & Oga.

              I've eaten at Rasoi many times and enjoy it. But it doesn't come close to the depth and breadth of the variety of regional cuisines that Dakshin pulls off each and every day!
              It's not just good for the area, in compares favorable with anything in town, IMO.

              You haven't been to Ipanema? Consider yourself lucky then. It's been living an empty legend forever, being the only really full-on Brazilian in town until now. The new king-of-the-hill in town is Brazzille and it blows Ipanema out of the water! They're located at 85-91 Hollis St./Rte.126 very near its intersection with Waverly St./Rte.135 in downtown Framingham. 508-620-6170. They have a website but it's still under construction.

              Yes Dear, I'm coming to bed,,,,,,,,good night y'all.

              1. re: Harp00n

                Wow, I think Michi Kusa is totally ordinary, at best. Oga's is a delight, when I can afford it. I wouldn't even consider them in the same sentence....

                1. re: galleygirl

                  galleygirl, that's why they're called opinions. Oga gets more "buzz", so you & tomaneng may very well be right on this one. I just don't see it, sorry.

                  1. re: Harp00n

                    Right, and I was giving my own, personal opinion. I think Michi Cusa is overpriced for lacklustre, slightly tired sushi and sashimi. i have eaten at each a number of times. i have had far better sushi and sashimi at the Sushi couner at Whole Foods.

                    For more votes, I'm a big fan of Uncle Cheung's; I think it's exceptional fo the 'burbs. Don't know where you're from, but Framingham seems to have way more good Indian than Thai restaurants. Besides the aforementioned Dakshin, we oftern get take-out from Welcome India, on Rt.9.

                    1. re: galleygirl

                      The village of Cochituate in the town of Wayland :-)

              2. re: tomaneng

                Ipenema closed last month. Too many violations. It's one thing to overserve patrons, but when one of them crashes into the local police....

            2. Framingham has a couple of very good Indian restaurants: Udipi Bhavan and Chennai Woodlands. Very authentic and it would be where I would go even on an expense account. There are a couple of nice Brazilian bakeries close to Udipi Bhavan.

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                1. re: gourmaniac

                  Chennai Woodlands, a strictly vegetarian South Indian option, occupies the space that formerly was Udipi's. They're just over the Framingham townline at 59 Pond St,/Rte.126 in Ashland. (01721) I don't do vegetarian but it does have a lot of fans. Here's that link ;