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Jul 2, 2007 01:40 PM

Casa Vieja (Saint Paul)

I found myself driving past this place the other day. Has anyone been? Is it any good? I can't seem to find any info on it online...

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  1. I've been, but only for dinner (I haven't tried any of the lunch specials). Food's okay, nothing special. The menu is a combo of "classic supper club" and "Mexican." I wish it were better because the place has a lot of character. It's a place I go when I'm really tired, don't feel like cooking and don't want to fight any crowds. Not very hound'ish, of me, I know, but I like their margaritas, and since they have the "dual" cuisine thing going, you don't really have to narrow in on exactly what kind of food you want until you get there. It's easy for everyone to find something they are interested in.

    This place is on West 7th, for those of you who aren't familiar with it.


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      Thanks for the post TDQ. I've been tempted to check it out and this gives me reason to think it wouldn't be a complete mistake...

      1. re: gavagai

        Well, just don't expect the Mexican food to be all that spicy--I think they've tamed it quite a bit. I sometimes wonder if there's a secret Mexican menu. Some of the supper club dishes are okay.


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          I too thanks for the post. i've driven by this alot - but will stick to my tried and trues. by the way, ever been to a place called Las Margaritas over by Minnehaha Avenue (St Paul)? It's a hole in the wall - and I've wondered if anyone has been in there and whether it is good.

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            Is that "Las Margaritas" place also on West 7th? Nearish to Montreal (I'm not sure if you've got Minnehaha confused with Montreal?) If you're thinking of the place on West 7th, I've been there, but only once. I don't like to trash little mom and pop places, but I really found this place sub-standard. It's been about a year and a half, so I can't remember exactly what I had, but it was something seafood-ish and really unappealing. Alas, not even a place I'll go when tired and hungry and avoiding crowds.


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              I am totally laughing. I am thinking Las Margaritas - and I was curious about that one...but there is another one -- somewhere on Minnehaha. I'm almost positive. When I used to live in E. St Paul -I accidentally stumbled across it - never went in but now the name is not coming to mind. I thought it was Las ... something but I couldn't find it in the internet directory. When I think of it - I'll post the name. Maybe even just Las Tacos?

              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                "Las Margaritas" on West 7th is gone. And I mean really gone. The building has been torn down. I agree the food was nothing to go back for. And... I’m pretty sure that the people who ran it are the ones who now have Casa Veija down the street. AND..... I’ll go one step further out on the limb and say that I think they’re part of the same family that owns Boca Chica over in West Saint Paul, a place I’ve never been wild about. Not that it's bad. It just never struck me as much more then a family owned Chi-Chi's kind of place....

                Uncle Ira

                1. re: Uncle Ira

                  Ha! Funny. Well, I guess Las Margaritas was on its last legs when I visited! I hope something really good will get build there in its place.

                  To me, Boca Chica and Las Margaritas were places that are/were so blah I wouldn't give them more than the one try. But, Casa Vieja doesn't seem that terrible to me. Not great, but not awful either. On my one visit to each Las Margaritas and Boca Chica, I'd say my food was basically inedible. Casa Vieja is tolerable. But, all of the familial connections you describe are not that encouraging.

                  My one visit to Boca Chica:


      2. My colleague and I lunch out every day. We tried this place once, right after it transitioned from the supper club to the Mexican menu.
        Memorably forgettable.
        Spectacurlarly unspectacular.
        Overwhelmingly underwhelming.

        and just plain weird with the whole supper club ambience.

        We haven't been back.

        We also used to eat at Las Margaritas years ago when it was reasonably good, but it started its downhill slide, then the service went to pot, then we quit going, then they closed, then the building was bulldozed. Probably going to be replaced with a condo complex.

        When construction on 50th is done, we're going to try Dominguez in S. Minne.