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Jul 2, 2007 01:07 PM

Sterling, VA/Dulles Towne Ctr: Ethnic cuisines

Hello everyone!! Finally arrived in D.C. Would like to ask for input regarding good ethnic good eats in the Sterling area (near Dulles Towne Center; within walking distance as I do not want to drive and in surrounding parts (Reston, Herndon).

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. Hi Again, there is a kabob place in the mall that is pretty good, considering it's a food court. Have tried the other kabob houses around the area, and this IMO is the best in the area. Lines are long sometimes but worth it, and they give plenty of food.
    Pacific restaurant isn't bad for better than average chinese food, not Joe's or Full Kee, but not bad. There is also a Vietnamese place in the same strip mall that has good spring rolls and spicy beef noodle soup.
    If you like Jamaican food, there is a small hole in the wall called Jamaica Jamaica in herndon off Sunset Hills where I pick up beef and curry chicken patties wrapped in coco bread.
    And if you haven't tried Pollo Campero fried chicken in Herndon is pretty good as well.
    There is also a pretty decent Indian buffet called Jandara (sp?) in Ashburn.
    Looking forward to other responses!

    1. Hey there, you're in luck because I love a few of places in that area. Now, in the mall itself your choices are limited. Nothing really stands out as good ethnic eats... imho. However, if you go across route 7 to the strip mall that has the Countryside movie theater (Regal Plaza ?) then you've hit the jackpot on two places. First is Saigon Cafe. It's a great vietnamese place! They have a delicious spicy beef noodle soup. That's one of my favorites no matter what the weather is. They also have a huge serving of Vietnamese grilled beef with vermicelli noodles. The service is usually fast and friendly and all the prices are very wallet friendly. Love that place. They're pho is good too. ( But I like Pho Royal the best, it's further down 7 toward Tysons. I'll give you their info below too. You won't be disappointed if you love pho). My 2nd recommendation would be a Thai restaurant called 4912. It's right in front of the movie theater. This place is slightly pricier than Saigon Cafe but it's great! So far I've had the pad thai, green curry, tom yum, kaprow and drunken noodles and have not been disappointed. All of them were appropriately spicy, just the way I love it. Hope that helps!

      Saigon Cafe
      20921 Davenport Dr # 108, Sterling, VA
      (703) 404-2424

      4912 Thai Cuisine
      45965 Regal Plaza, Sterling, VA 20165

      Pho Royal -
      46839 Maple Leaf Pl, Sterling, VA
      (703) 444-4778

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        thank you veni! sis always raved about 4912. will most likely order delivery tomorrow for lunch :)

        thank you ch2176: two sisters and i had a great dinner at pacific a few years ago. cocktails, apps, dinner, dessert (bananas fosters flambed tableside by the owner himself (what a comedian!), taxes, and tip cost us $145. that was a very fun night. as for the kebabs at the mall, i will try to make it a point to walk over and enjoy... my sis didn't care for the STO waiting (doesn't like to exercise, and so loves to sit, and doesn't have time to wait having two very young kids to care for) so i won't have her as a companion.