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Jul 2, 2007 01:02 PM

Sterling, VA: Fresh seafood alts. to Red Lobster

Hello everyone!! Finally arrived in D.C. Need fresher alternatives to Red Lobster in the Sterling area (near Dulles Towne Center; within walking distance as I do not want to drive). Also, sushi/seafood suggestions within the same area, and in surrounding parts (Reston, Herndon).

Thank you in advance!!

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  1. Not too many options, besides the typical chain, but Sweetwater has pretty good seafood choices sometimes. Haven't tried it yet but there's a seafood/sushi store, not restaurant in Great Falls Plaza off of Algonkian called Hooked...just looked at the menu...looks pretty good, might try the sushi tonight and will let the board know...

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      i seem to recall ordering a crabcake dish at sweetwater that tasted good. this is my sis and her hubby's fave restaurant for good cocktails and tasty apps as it is walking distance. another place to put on my list to visit in the next few days!

      happy 4th everyone!

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        hello again! do let us know how good the sushi is at hooked... i'm really craving for seafood/sushi now (haven't had it in a week or more)! tomorrow i'm having thai for brunch (maybe tom kha soup and/or curry dish) and we dine at a crabhouse for dinner in or near woodbridge!! woohoo!! for the 4th, perhaps a fantastic Filipino feast!!! (how i miss our cuisine... vendors in AZ have proven to be grease-spoons).

        happy 4th everyone!

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          Something told me you're Pinoy! me too! we don't have any good pinoy restaurants around here :(
          Luckily, I have many relatives in the area!
          Happy 4th!

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            i hope you had a great 4th as well! we ended up having a very american bbq of steak, chicken, bbq spare ribs, cucumber salad (allergy), potato salad, Haagen-Daz dulce de leche and mint chocolate chip ice cream, and chocolate cake with whipped cream icing (blueberry stars and raspberry stripes!). But wait! we also had excellent pancit :D

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          I ordered sushi take-out from Kobe Japanese Steakhouse (in the Safeway Plaza across Rt. 7 near the Dulles Towne Center mall) in Sterling last night. We tried the Kobe special maki ($10.95), the Spider maki ($9.95), the Boston maki (4.95), and a spicy scallop roll ($4.95). All were very good... the Kobe special was a hit for many who liked the warm temperature at which it was served. I loved the spider roll, but was a little disappointed that the soft-shell crab portion was mostly batter and not much meat, and the portion size seemed a little skimpy (3 pcs). Since I was the only spice-lover in the bunch, I also enjoyed the spicy scallop roll. The Boston was OK...

        3. Can't vouch for it myself, but my girlfriend and husband at at the bar at Hook recently and raved about it, including their sushi. She's especially thrilled that they deliver sushi. What a concept! Though I got the impression that it's not a dine in restaurant, other than the bar, and that they cater more to carry out and delivery. Which sounds strange for a seafood resaturant that's not a market. So interested to learn more....

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            I probably will never find out for myself if Hooked serves good seafood after the way I was treated on the phone today. I called and spoke to a man named Chris who, upon my introducing myself and saying that my sister and I have never visited before but would like to know if they deliver, hung up on me. I called back soon after and waited four or five rings. No answer. I hung up and tried the number again, this time waiting six or eight rings. No answer. I handed the phone over to my sis who dialed again, waited a long time (she lost count on the # of rings), only to be told by Chris that they are not delivering today. It was a good thing that we called ahead to inquire about their delivery option and find out how their staff treats potential customers... We can take our business elsewhere...

            FYI, my sister's mother- and father-in-law had visited the establishment once and were not impressed. They used the word "strange" when describing their experience there. Upon hearing how we were treated on the phone, they were not surprised.

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              I went to Hooked last night after a co-worker RAVED about it. It was incredible, and the staff, including Chris, was just awesome. I asked about the delivery, and they said they're just launching it and "testing the waters". But honestly, the sushi was incredible, the sushi chef- very entertaining, and the seafood- i had the miso seabass and the plank salmon- just amazing. they also told me they're adding 20 more seats, so guess things are good there- i can see why!

              1. re: Seafood Lovin Guy

                A Hooked representative emailed me twice and blamed the unprofessionalism on Verizon faulty service (!!). I still am hesitant on visiting the establishment on my next trip... Can any of you who have visited Hooked tell me if they serve brown rice?

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                  You need to give Hooked a try. My husband and I went there for the first time and loved it.Met Rich the owner and Chris. Both were terrific and very warm to the customers. Brough out several items to "try on the house" and they were great. I'm really sorry you had a bad phone experience but don't let that keep you from enyjoying great Sushi. The place is small and they will be adding additional seating..somewhere but if take out is all you can go for it. ( were having a late lunch there today)

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                    Oh yeah, they don't serve brown rice...Maybe if enough ask they will??