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Jul 2, 2007 12:54 PM

Po Brooklyn Reviews?

I just came back after a week with no internet access and was SHOCKED to see there were no early reviews of Po on Smith Street. Surely, not everyone is patient enough to let them get their feet wet...

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    1. re: Marion Morgenthal

      Thanks...i searched but somehow missed this one.

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        OK here's my review of PO Brooklyn: I went there for dinner with 3 friends on a busy Friday night. As we sat waiting for our starter the owner (very stressed) prepared a table for 4 waiting guests. He knocked a glass off the table he was preparing, he then proceeded to kick the table and swear out loud! Ok, so now I am curious. As the guests sit down the young waiter takes their order. They asked him what his favorite dishes were and then one guest light heartedly asked him his favorite color! He replied then left there table. Passing, what must have been one of his friends waiting at the door nearby and asked how he was he went in to , what I could only call a 'rage' and replied to his friend... ''that f(*&ng guy just asked what my favorite f(&*(*ng color was!", frantically waving his arms in the air, he marched to the kitchen . So now I am sensing such bad energy in this place, I just want to leave! All I can guess is the stress of setting up something like this and the money involved has led the owner and co to hit stress level 500! I won't be returning and btw the food was average. It's not cheap and definately not fine dining.

    2. I had an incredibly mediocre meal there last year. One of the worst I've had on Smith Street. I regretted not going elsewhere.

      1. We live nearby and go there often, frequently for takeout. I think the pastas are wonderful. The homemade papardelle with rabbit ragu is out of this world. It's far better than Savoia and Fragole and other places in the neighborhood. Definitely not as good as Babbo or anything of that level, but it's delicious for an upscale neighborhood meal. The decor feels like something in the Hamptons, laid back but elegant, with its yellow wainscotting. Overall, I think it's one of the best places in the hood.

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          Agree. We really enjoy the place. Our most successful meals have included pasta as a main, with really interesting first courses and desserts along the way. Wines by the glass are fun and well-priced, as well, making it a fine neighborhood place.

          1. re: MichaelZ

            We had 2 mediocre meals there previously so we didnt go back for awhile. Last night, after a very mediocre experience at Lunetta's on Friday, we decided to give it another try. We went early, around 6:30pm, and it wasnt crowded. No service or kitchen stress. Our meal was very good. The wines by the glass (red) were all reasonable, nothing stellar but fine all the same... we chose not to order a bottle, so we didnt even expect the level received. The white bean bruschetta (served to all gratis) had a good amount of garlic (that's a good thing) and enough taste to withstand it (an even better thing). We split a carbonara as an app. and I have to say that this version is as close to the real thing available around these parts. No cream (obvious to us that this is blasphemous, but not to a lot of places), homemade tasty pork jowls (is that spelled guacanale?) instead of pancetta, and al dente thinnish pasta. Excellent. I know Lunetta isnt trying to be authentic with their version, but I find it overly lemony and, therefore, dont appreciate the overall dish as much there. Po gets it right. Ginny had guinea hen and, although the mixture used to coat it was a little salty, the hen was well prepared, more meaty than most, and very nicely spiced. The accompanying Israeli cous cous (its really a pasta, but that's the only name I know it by) and the pumpkin pieces within were done very well and added to the dish. I had the pork chop with a very nice shredded cabbage side and cooked apple pieces over both. A little sweet but, overall, a very nice dish. The afigado we shared for dessert had some great coffee gelato in it and was, in my opinion, better than al di la's version (one of the only things I dont like at al di la). Overall, for $110 all in, quite a good deal... we'll add it back into our rotation, ahead of Lunetta, Fragole & some of the other more mediocre places around.

        2. I used to go to Po in Manhattan and was curious about the Brooklyn outpost. My husband and I went and ate at the bar. It was a zoo. The waiters and bartender over- explained everything and their attitude was condescending. (Do they think Brooklynites are rubes?) The appetizer was very good; the entree was mediocre (a veal dish). We decided to try again, with friends, and made a reservation 10 days in advance for a Friday night. I specifically asked for one of the two tables by the windows in front because the noise level there is deafening. We arrived on time but they had just seated two couples at the window tables; moreover, all other tables were taken. They didn't honor the reservation. The "hostess" never apologized, although they did give us complimentary wine at the bar while we waited and waited and waited. We were finally seated an hour later at a table by the kitchen and the coat rack. The meatballs were bready, the tomato sauce clotted and pasty; only one of us liked her entree. The banquette we were sitting on had springs that poked up through the upholstery making it extremely uncomfortable. I'll never go back.

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          1. re: KatherineLarry

            Interesting. I just finished responding to a post of yours about Lunetta and I sense a theme developing. I used to like Lunetta and I find it slipping and said so (so did Mike and Nehna, in separate posts)... you say you've always liked it and now that its slammed on weekends we should try weekdays. On the other hand, I posted here that I've found Po very mediocre in the past and now had an encouragingly better dinner there last night to which you responded by telling of past experiences and ending with "I'll never go back". I guess my only comment is to state that things dont remain stagnant... they ebb and flow. If Lunetta is getting mediocre and Po is getting better, I'll move my patronage to Po. Dont get me wrong... I'm as loyal as anyone and I go out of my way to not judge on one or two experiences... but it is a business relationship after all and I'll cut only so much slack or, conversely, only shun someplace until I have reason to believe its better and find out that it is.

            1. re: Steve R

              I'm encouraged to hear you had such a good meal at Po, Steve. Not unlike Lunetta, my meals there have been slipping in quality. Not as much so as Lunetta, but still noticeably. So I'm really happy to hear you had some good food --- and carbonara, my absolute favorite thing in the world, no less. I don't think I can ever recall having it there, and now I will have to go back to do just that. Guanciale, by the way, is the spelling I think on the pig's cheek meat. Most authentic bacon to use for carbonara.

              Damn we could have gone there last night after Deity ;)

          2. I've eaten at both Po restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Manhattan location was better all around because of it's consistency. Things seem to run smoother there, the food is more consistent, and overall, the service seems more sharp yet relaxed. The Brooklyn location, while good, was a little inconsistent in all the aforementioned facets. Maybe there are still growing pains? However, with that said, I found both outposts pleasing.