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Amazing Buttermilk Pancakes at Eastern Standard

I never order pancakes for breakfast because I usually find them sort of boring: basically a stodgy vehicle for syrup/jam.

The ones I had today at Eastern Standard blew me away. (We actually ordered a second round.) They're like two styles of pancake in one. The middle is light, spongey and about a quarter inch thick. The edges are thinner, lacy, very crisp and intensely buttery. To me, that makes them the best of both worlds: quasi-crepe plus something delicate but a little more substantial. I think I could become a bit obsessive about cutting out the middles and quarantining their two parts though, so that the syrup *just* goes on the spongey part and the edges taste purely of butter. In the end, I decided that having a bite of one and then a bite of the other while trying to figure out which is better is just not possible first thing in the morning.

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  1. Wow, you really make those sound delicious! I rarely get up in time to go out for breakfast, but will have to make an exception for these ; )

    1. Wow these sound great...any chance of getting them with chocolate chips?

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        I didn't see any mention of chocolate chips on the menu, though the one time I asked for a substitution there and they had the ingredient on hand, they were accomodating.

      2. These pancakes do sound great..mmmm. It's funny, I've never been much of a pancake fan..and then a while back I had pancakes exactly as you describe, at Doyle's-- of all places, the bar/restaurant in JP. They were heavenly..crispy on the edges and a bit spongier on the inside. Absolutely delicious. I haven't been back in a while, but it's good to know of another place that serves them in this style.

        1. Every once in a while I crave breakfast "out" on a work day, and they're right on my way on one of my possible routes. Do you know how early they start serving?

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            We arrived at 7:45 and there were a couple of tables seated already. I'm not sure what time they open, though, but I'd imagine quite early for the hotel guests.

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                Yup, Vermont maple syrup, and a generous gravy boat full at that. Price was about $10, I think.

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              Just checked the rather confusing website, and it looks like 7 a.m. I'm also not usually a pancake fan, but these do sound great. Unfortunately I can't make it there for another couple of weeks, so please post if you go so I can get a vicarious fix.

            2. Thanks a lot for the post, I absolutely love pancakes, and I will definitely check these out. So far, the best pancakes I'e ever had are the Deluxe Flapjacks at Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. They are made with their own special mix (which they sell in the little bakery nextdoor) and contain sour cream as their special ingredient, which give them amazing richness and moisture. They completely melt in your mouth, but do not fall apart. Definitely worth checking out.

              1. I've also tried the pancakes at ES....absolutely delicious as you've descrived. The steak and eggs was also quite good for the next time you make it there. ES really has an appetizing brunch menu!!

                1. I know the atmosphere is worlds apart, but the pancakes at Johny's Luncheonette in Newton Center are very much as you describe...*and* they serve them with real maple syrup...and they serve them all day. mmm-yum!

                  1. I was inspired by this thread to try to make it to breakfast this morning at ESK, but I wasn't able to get over there until the Red Sox crowd cleared out around 1:00, by which time they were serving their lunch menu. So I ordered the cheddar omelet off the lunch menu, to which I had them add onions. It was a great omelet, and reminded me of this thread I started a while back: http://www.chow.com/topics/341005 . The omelette was not overcooked, and was delicious. Service was typical of ESK -- good, but could be better -- but I'm certainly looking forward to going back for the pancakes.

                    1. Tragedy has struck! Went back to Eastern Standard to have the pancakes again for breakfast this morning and they were completely different. Now they're just ordinary pancakes - about half an inch thick all over, no crispy, lacy edges, no buttery taste. Such a disappointment!

                      We asked our waiter about it and he said the chef who has been there for at least a year and who made Monday's fabulous pancakes quit between the last visit and this morning. They're aware that their pancakes are now a shadow of their former selves and are working to train the new kitchen staff in superior pancake-making technique, but I wanted to warn everyone, so that no one goes in the near future and faces the same let-down we did.

                      Now if only I knew where the old chef went....

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                          i really suggest you try the ones at johnny's... they were lacy/crispy/buttery edged with spongy-moised centers. i have no idea if this is typical for them, however....

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                            Tried to last night, but there was no answer when we called so we didn't risk the drive to find them closed...maybe this weekend though! All this talk has me craving pancakes!

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                              update: had to go back for a pancake lunch at johnny's... really only mediocre this time. my dining companion speculates that the other time was just luck....