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Jul 2, 2007 12:39 PM

Good food at DE beaches?

What are the best restaurants in Dewey, Reheboth, Bethany?


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  1. We stayed in Rehoboth a couple of weeks ago and had some very nice food, Cafe Sole for lunch, Cloud 9 for dinner, food was very good service was excellent. Dinner at Abstractions, Sushi was VERY slow coming out but really good stuff and we also had a couple of curry dishes that were very good as well. Sunday brunch in Lewes at the Buttery, exceptional food and service.

    1. In Rehoboth -- For on the higher end side, I like Chez La Mer, Fusion and Eden. Back Porch is OK, as is La La Land, but I just like the others better. I have heard very good things about Espuma and Cultured Pearl, too.

      Don't miss a dessert at La Crepes Suzette on Penny Lane, too. They make a banana, sour cream and brown sugar version that is to die for. They also make one with strawberries and nutella. Mmmm.

      For not high end, I like Nicola (Pizza) and Gus & Gus. These are real (local) joints that serve up good food cheap.