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Jul 2, 2007 12:10 PM

PDX Good food at or near Waterfront Blues Festival?

Any good recs?

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  1. What is your taste & budget? What transportation have you?
    At: Hot Lips Pizza, Horn of Africa (if there).
    Near: Murata, best Japanese in town & really expensive, SW 3rd & Market. Also the Veritable Quandary on 1st. And Carafe. Otherwise, that area is not known for its food.
    Across Hawthorne bridge which is a nice walk, 0.5 mile but level: Bakery Bar.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Any type of food is ok. and budget not a concern. We will be walking and my girl friend is sort of limited. 2 or 3 blocks is probably ok.

      1. re: stmeece

        Yep, the options immediately around there are pretty well handled by Leonardo above. However, you're not far from both the Max and the Streetcar if you want to get to somewhere farther. Murata, VQ, and Carafe are all good enough that you can stay close by and better than just about anywhere else in downtown. If you wanted something cheaper, I'd go the extra distance to Karam.