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Jul 2, 2007 11:45 AM

Seattle: Where to find a grilled tuna steak sandwich?

I recently ate in Langley's Cafe where they serve rare tuna steak sandwiches in pita bread with aioli. However, they are not always open nor do they serve it all the time. Is there a better option in Seattle/Eastside? As long as it is tuna steak, not a tuna melt :)


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  1. Will need to check to see if Matt's at the Market is still offering their tuna sandwich - a favorite.

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    1. re: mrnelso

      My lunch companion ordered it from them today. Couldn't tell if it was grilled or not.

      1. re: not the bad Steve

        I think it's "pan-fried," but I know it's delicious.

      2. re: mrnelso

        OK - couldn't find the new menus since they remodeled. Thx for the reco!

          1. re: not the bad Steve

            AWESOME! gotta try the tuna and catfish or oyster lunch sandwiches. thx!

      3. Maggie Bluffs over in Magnolia has one on their menu.

        It's pretty good and a decent price, but I'd order the shallot-dill dressing on the side. The dill was overpowering - even after I scraped it off the bun.

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        1. re: stolenchange

          I've had the tuna at Maggie Bluffs - it is always over-cooked.

        2. Collin's Pub (next to smith tower, seattle) has a most excellent tuna steak sandwich on the lunch menu, not sure about dinner. It's one of finest you'll ever chow down on - guaranteed. Everything about it is right - particularly the wasabi aoli, soy dipping sauce, and the friggin' bread is toasted perfectly. The plate even comes with asian hot sauce dotted along the rim if you need a little extra kick - it's an amazing sandwich.

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          1. re: kennyg98

            yes - I just looked at their menu and it does sound really good :) I will try this week. thx for the reco!