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Jul 2, 2007 11:41 AM


What's the best place to get a good cup o' joe/espresso/coffee beverage? I'm a reformed caffeine addict who would like to indulge in a delicious coffee drink on occasion, but only the best since I am limiting my intake. recommendations? I'd prefer to stay within a 15 minute drive of Hyde Park.

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  1. Here's a thread from a few months back on the same topic.

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      The coffee thread ended a while back...thought I would resurrect the post with some more recommendations. Speaking as an espresso drinker, and one who lives close to Hyde Park, I would suggest Mandola's at the Triangle (45th and Guadalupe) and Tony's Vineyard on 30th near the Drag. Tony's uses Segafredo beans, one of Italy's most standard and trusted coffees . Mandola's gets their coffee from local growers -- the Monte Benichi blend produces some of the most superior espresso flavors I have had in the US. While you can request an espresso at the counter, I prefer to buy a package and make some at home with my own machine. These are true Italian-style caffé: smooth and creamy with some bitterness...and a lovely aftertaste that goes best with sparkling water and a cigarette. I would avoiding gagging on the sludge from Quack's, Starbuck's, Flight Path, and Lava Java. They might serve up some decent drip fare and "coffee house" ambiance, but their espresso pales in comparison to the two mentioned above.

    2. I have to give props to Austin Java for more than one reason. The coffee service set up is fantastic. You can help yourself to as many cups as necessary to get the day going AND the names are fantastic, one in particular that I really like is the Fog Cutter. That being said, when it comes down to taste there is one and only ONE that truly stands out as the best cup of joe in town-Whole Foods Dark French Roast. It is the best. Oh, and you are allowed a comp refill.

      1. From a local paper: Patrick Pierce and Clancy Rose of Caffe Medici (1101 West Lynn, 524-2497) won first and second places respectively in the inaugural South Central Regional Barista Competition in Dallas June 25-26 at the Texas Restaurant Association's Southwest Foodservice Expo…
        Medici is where I go when I want a perfect Americano.The extensively renovated[by the owner]home on W.Lynn is all hardwoods and high ceilings.My friends who are coffee geeks swear this is the best source for caffeine in town.The ambience is may hear Comets on Fire wafting around the room depending on the barista....I find it soothing to hear quiet sheets of feedback laden guitars off in the distance while pondering Jim Thompson or reading the morning news.