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Jul 2, 2007 11:18 AM

Roslindale bummers

I went to Diane's Bakery to get donuts on Sat. and was surprised not to see them in the cases (second time in a few weeks). The older man who bakes was out there along witih the woman at the cash register and I said "no donuts?", he grunted no and went back to the kitchen. She said no sorry, I said you didn't have them last time either and it sounds like he's not making them at all anymore. I guess it was a Sat. thing (have never gone on a weekday) and she was very apologetic but offered nothing more after I said how good their donuts were. I'm very sad cuz I really think these were the best in the Boston area, right amount of grease, crunch, etc. And actually cheaper than all the rest too (only .60 or .65). I hope other regulars are complaining. I did get to try a plain donut from Jim's Bagels and Bake shop in Gloucester this weekend and that was pretty good, hard to evaluate fully since I got it a couple hours after the fact. Have had their bagels before and they're quite good too.

The other Rozzy bummer is that kind of divey bar w/ pool tables as you enter the square on the right seems to have been "renovated" and gotten rid of their beveled glass. I'm so bummed about this, there's something about that look that I love. The west coast knows how to preserve it, and they make better donuts but that's another story. I was driving so only quickly noticed that and what looks like a new sign. They should be tarred and feathered.

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  1. Their marble cruller, freshly made, was a thing of genius.

    I get the feeling they aren't making them anymore either. Have been in several Saturday mornings over the past two months and have gotten the same response.

    Anna's Handcut Donuts on Centre Street in West Roxbury is close by. I don't think its quite as good, but the selection is better. (And they always have them, because that's all they do.)

    1. i think you're referring to what is now called Robyn's Bar & Grill...haven't been in but it looks just awful. at least the Pleasant Cafe is still beveled and retro-as-they-come!

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      1. re: alyssap99

        Yes, thank god for the Pleasant. I can't imagine why anyone would get rid of something nice for a plain brick facade (then again, people have done it to diners for years).

        To slow cookedbeef, do you think if people keep asking about the donuts, they'll bring them back? Are they that much harder to cook than scones? Anna's just doesn't hold a candle for me.

        1. re: Joanie

          We ate at Robyn's and we won't be going back. Also, the bar has flourecent lighting all around. Looks like an ER.

          Very limited menu and even more so for veggies. Got the pizza - not great - especially w/t he Pleasant up the street. Not even a veggies burger on the menu. The chef came out and said in his 30 years of cooking no one had ever ordered one - I find that hard to beleive. But at least he was nice enough to come out.

          1. re: Joanie

            Spoke with the folk's at Diane's. The donuts disappeared due to some family issues (i.e. not enough time to make donuts right now). After the Christmas season, they are considering bringing them back. I'd tread lightly but it can't hurt to inquire in a positive, constructive manner.

            1. re: slowcookedbeef

              I'll try to put on my happy face after New Year's and see if they might bring them back. They're the best in this area, and possibly beat some of the "biggies".

        2. Wow. I never thought I'd see the day when folks decried the end of the Rozzie Pub (more recently the "Game Day" Pub). I mean, I've lived through a lot of changes in the neighborhood and appreciate most all of them as great things. And as much as gentrification in general is a curse upon our society (don't even get me started on that one), the Rozzie Pub was not a palatable place. If not a haven for, umm, off the books activities, it was at least a shady and unfriendly place.

          Not that "Robyn's" looks great, either. But it seems that making the effort to change is worthwhile.