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Jul 2, 2007 11:07 AM

DFW: Duy Tan is dead. Long live An Giang.

Went to Jupiter and Walnut this weekend to restock fish and soy sauces and was shocked to see that Duy Tan is gone. In its place is a Vietnamese restauant called An Giang. Obviously, I had to check it out. Spring rolls were very good, but the peanut dipping sauce was runny and bland. Bun with grilled beef was also very good. I was too stunned from the loss of Duy Tan to try the pho. The place was packed, and everyone seemed happy with their food. The space has been slightly upgraded (although I don't consider the addition of a big flat-screen tv an upgrade). I'd like to hear what other Hounds think about An Giang.

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  1. Well, s**t. Duy Tan was my go to place for Bahn Mi and Bun. Pho was fine but I've had just as good at other spots, too. I liked the Bahn Mi at DT better than Bistro B. Guess I'll have to give An Giang a shot...Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Yeap, noted that about 2 weeks ago. Was gonna go try An Giang last week but never got around to. I'll probably go try it out in the next week or two.

      As I've written before, I was disappointed with Duy Tan after they have "upgraded" their menu (and the prices) last year. The portions were smaller yet prices were higher. I stopped going there the last few months. My husband was put off by the flies there during the summer months. Instead, I've been going to First Chinese BBQ (in the same strip mall as Duy Tan).

      But I'm looking forward to trying out An Giang.

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        I finally got around to try it tonight. As I've only had Pho at Duy Tan before, I ordered a bowl of Pho at An Giang.

        The Pho was just fine, tastes like most other phos I've had in my life. The Pho selection is not as huge - I ordered the one w/rare beef, tripe, tendon but requested the beef to be well-done. Came out just the way I wanted it. Regular size is $4.95, large is $5.50 I believe.

        Next time I think I'll try the bun.

        No flies spotted on this visit!

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          Ate at An Giang again last night. This time I had a Bun with grilled pork and spring roll. Sadly, the pork and spring roll both tasted like they were reheated by microwave. The spring roll was hot but no longer crispy. Pork still had the grilled flavor but parts were too charred and chewy.

          I guess I'll have to try something else on the menu next time. Or, stick with First Chinese BBQ.

        2. We tried An Giang this weekend. The menu is completely different from Duy Tan. I tried a mixed vermicelli bowl (Bun) with grilled pork, shrimp paste around fresh sugarcane, and pork meatballs. Everything was top notch. The shrimp was wrapped around a huge piece of sugar cane. It was probably the best shrimp paste I've had. While the grilled pork wasn't as good as Duy Tan's, it was still quite tasty.

          We also got an unusual appetizer of minced escargot and pork wrapped around lemongrass stalks and covered with a ginger sauce. Sounds strange, but I really liked it. The portions were huge and I could not finish.

          The place was packed, and everyone's food looked delicious. Presentation is apparently important here. Looking around, it seemed that most people were ordering soup, so that might be their specialty. I noticed they had a list of Congee soups that I don't see often on Vietnamese menus.

          Oh - and no more flies.

          A friend of ours said that he heard that the owners of Duy Tan will be opening another restaurant soon in another location. Not sure if the name will be the same.

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          1. re: Webra1

            David loves Congee. The appetizer sounds very good (I love escargot). We have to try this place.

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              So sad about Duy Tan. But, the pho at An Giang is very good too. Vue & his family are opening up another place called Pala Cafe in the shopping center at Buckingham & Shiloh. It should be open sometime this month.

            2. Duy Tan Restaurant HAS MOVED and with a new name PALA CAFE 2334 W Buckingham Rd, Suite 370, Garland, TX 75042, Tel: 214-227-4619.

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              1. re: viet88

                Thanks for the news. I need to check out the new place.

                1. re: Dallas Alice

                  It's been a couple of months since my trial of PaLa, as described (buried) in the thread's time to give it another try, but I confess I am confused by the miniscule menu (web site remains the same as from September) and the emphasis on American food. Surely the owners know that American food won't be the reason customers come...


                  1. re: guttural

                    On a whim we decided to try Pala Cafe today. Like guttural mentioned, the menu is surprisingly small with half being American items. A wide variety of flavored coffee and blended drinks are listed on boards above the cash register. We don't drink coffee, so I can't comment on them.

                    My husband felt for Banh Mi, and although it isn't listed on the menu, they said they could make a grilled pork or chicken version.

                    I had the Bun Cha Hanoi with sliced grilled pork. For those unfamiliar with this dish, according to wikipedia, Bun Cha Hanoi is pork meat is that is ground and marinated, then rolled into small patties, grilled and left in a bowl of fish sauce along with pickled vegetables. The patties become especially savory from being soaked in the sauce. It is eaten with vermicelli, lettuce, and various herbs.

                    If you liked the Bun Cha at Duy Tan, I think you will be very happy with Pala's version. I had forgotten how truly delicious this dish is. The next best version I've had is at La Me. The Banh Mi sandwich was good in that the grilled pork is excellent, but if you're a Banh Mi lover, there are better places for it.

                    Ok - so the biggest surprise is that they serve Beignets! I'm no Beignet expert by any means, but these are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, covered with powdered sugar, and are amazingly not greasy at all. They are prepared fresh to order, so they take a little time to make. They don't come with honey, but will bring you some if you ask.

                    The staff was friendly and spoke excellent English, but like all Vietnamese places, once you are served food, you are left alone to enjoy your meal.

              2. I think the best bet for pho, hu tieu, mi, bun, etc. is My Tho in Garland. The food is excellent and always prepared to be as low in fat as possible.

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                1. re: pikachu2818

                  Never heard of My Tho. Do you know the address?

                  1. re: Webra1

                    4403 W Walnut St

                    Garland, TX 75042

                    Phone: 972-494-3963

                    I highly recommend it! It is a quaint mom and pop store, but the food is excellent.