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Jul 2, 2007 10:53 AM

Good food in Lake Placid?

Hi everyone,

My husband and I will be relaxing in Lake Placid for a few days this week, and are looking for some good chow. From searching the boards it looks like Interlaken Inn is a good place to go, if we can get a reservation. Any other recs? We are looking for both upscale and casual breakfast, lunch, and dinners. Thank you!!

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  1. Good casual... Caribbean Cowboy. Fusion Southwest.. great margaritas!
    Chef owners worked at Lake Placid Lodge.

    1. Alpine Cellar has great German food. Luna Loca for Mexican. Downtown Diner for breakfast. Saranac Sourdough for breakfast, or even better, for lunch. I recommend the jerk chicken sandwich...spicy hot with a piece of pineapple on raisin bread. Trust me on this one. The Cottage Cafe near the Mirror lake Inn for drinks and a light lunch or dinner (and the view!) Can you tell...I love Lake Placid. Killer bugs in the summer, though. We prefer it in the winter when it's 20below.

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        I agree with phDUH 100%.
        We too prefer Placid in the Winter but here are a few more suggestions that might appeal to you.
        We like the bar at Great Adirondack Steak & Seafood on Main Street across from the bandstand and next to the theatre for lunch.
        We like their award-winning beer(Abbey Ale) and great lunch menu.
        You can sit outside in their outside dining areas as well and watch the world go by as well.
        The other brew pub in town,Lake Placid Brewery has award winning ales as well(Ubu Ale) and great burgers and you can sit on their deck and look over Mirror Lake..
        We prefer the Interlaken to the Veranda as upscale places to eat.
        if you get to the Interlaken just when they open(5:00PMish) you can sit in their tap room and enjoy the view out their garden and have a "pub menu" which is just as good as their main dining room and much lighter on your wallet.
        For a different breakfast try the Bluesberry Cafe right next to the theatre.
        You have to stand but the pastries made my Reinard are second to none and the banter and teasting by Reinard and the locals who frequent the place make this a fun experience.
        Where else can you get great coffee,great pastries,and good entertainment all at the same time(LOL)!
        The Hilton usually has entertainment weekends in their bar.
        Be sure to pick up a local newspaper in Placid to find out about anything special oing on while you are there.

      2. I just posted " Just back from Lake Placid " on July 9th. I hope it helps