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Jul 2, 2007 10:25 AM

NY Restaurant week advice?

I wanted to find out how to properly avail the opporunities during NY Restaurant Week. I have 4 reservations in the two weeks but a couple of questions from someone who has had the experience before.

1. Should I tell the restaurant in advance that I am going to order the restaurant week prix fixe special? In other words, would they make a fuss if I don't tell them about it until I show up?

2. How much of a choice can I expect in the restaurant-week prix fixe?

I'm going to the following. Any thoughts, advice?
-Terrace in the sky
-Frederick's at Madison
-Mai House
-Gordon Ramsay's Maze

Thank you!

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  1. 1. They definitely won't make a fuss if you don't specify until you're at the hostess' station. They know that people are coming for RW and will often just give you the RW menu by default.

    2. It really depends. Sometimes you only get 2 choices for each course. It's really up the restaurant. Do any of those places have web sites where they post menus? Is the Restaurant Week menu up there?

    If you really care, I'd stop by on the 1st day of RW week and see if you can take a look at the menu.

    Oh, and BTW, "Maze" is the new name for the London Bar, yes?

    1. Think about David Burke and Donatella

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        Floyd Cardoz's Tabla is always an excellent choice. I am drawn back every time they have restaurant week. They consistently give a wide variety of amazing entrees-- oxtail, the famous rice-flaked halibut in watermelon soup-- as well as amazing service and hot rosemary naan!

        1. re: SweetSummerCorn

          All of Danny Meyer's restaurants offer generous menu choices during RW. That's one of the reasons they're extremely popular and usually sell out immediately. The fact that RW diners, upon leaving, are presented with a gift certificate for future dining helps as well.

      2. I'm going to give Maze and Park Ave Summer a try since they are both fairly new.

        1. no for terrace in the sky. went there last year for dinner. you don't really get a view, especially if you're sitting with a big group. i mean their menu offered interesting things in each course, but for the portion size and taste, a big NO! steak and organic chicken was bland and dry.