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Jul 2, 2007 10:07 AM

Tay Do is Gone

I stopped by Eden Center this weekend and was dismayed to see a sports bar opening in the former location of Tay Do.

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  1. Last time I was in there it was completely deserted. Meanwhile, the restaurants near the 'Four Sisters Corner' were thriving. It is going to be hard for any restaurant at that location to come in and compete.

    1. Every time I go to Eden Center, like last week, I eat at the Four Sisters. I enjoy a lot of dishes on that vast menu, and I resolved a long time ago to stop going there only when I have tasted everything on the menu or get my first bad meal there. Last week was my standard vermicelli with three different toppings -- cha gio, barbecue pork and shredded pork. I also love the shaky beef (beef with tomatoes) but only when tomatoes are ripe.

      But I've been hearing enough about Huong Viet and Viet Royale that I'm going to have to diversify my Eden Center lunches. Apparently, there are a few regional nuances that I haven't fully appreciated yet....

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        There are more than "a few regional nuances" that you are missing. The hot pots at Tay Do were tremendous. But I'm glad you enjoy your meals there.