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Jul 2, 2007 10:06 AM

Sunday brunch / Itinerary

Will be in NO later this month, and need suggestions for Sunday brunch. Below is my food itinerary ... you'll notice really no old school restaurants--maybe I should do that for brunch? Or be bold and avoid them altogether? ;) Good music w/b nice too, but food more important. Please also let me know if there's something on my list that doesn't belong ... or something that must not be missed that isn't.




Lil Dizzy's
Taco San Miguel
Waller's BBQ


Cafe du Monde / Farmer's Market
Camellia Grill
Croissant d'Or

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  1. Cafe Atchafalaya or the jazz brunch at the InterContinental. You need to make reservations at the InterContinental, but its def the best brunch spread in town and their dixieland brass band is great! Also, Dick& Jenny's for a dinner. Great atmosphere, great food.

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    1. re: sallys

      We went to the Jazz Bruncha t the InterContental in January. Although it was quite nice, I thought it lacked real New Orleans flavor in its menu. They had a pot
      of Gumbo that was okay, but the rest of the items were nothing to write home about since I could fine most items in any brunch anywhere.

      1. re: sallys

        dick & jennys is close in july. just fyi

      2. haven't been in a couple of years, but Kabby's in the Hilton used to have a good Sunday brunch. Might be worth checking out. Be prepared to wait in line to have breakfast at the Camellia.. It's worth it, though.

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          I was at Kabby's Sunday - the brunch spread is gorgeous, but the atmosphere is totally lacking and too generic hotel. I found the food comparable to the Court of Two Sisters brunch, which is less expensive and has better atmosphere.

        2. Jacque-Imos is not my idea of upscale at all. Fun atmosphere, super casual, and popular with the young crowd. Service can be off, just not a focal point I guess. Try Stella ! in the Quarter, you won't regret it.

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          1. re: Tonto

            Well, I did kind of hesitate as I dropped Jacque-Imo's in that category :) I guess really I meant, Cheap and Not So Cheap ;)

            I'm fine with virtually any atmosphere, as long as the food is fantastic. I do kind of draw the line at caving-in acoustic tiles, but that's pretty much my only requirement. I will compromise virtually all my standards, particularly for great Mexican food here at home.

            So in terms of food, you think I should bump Jacque-Imo's and add Stella? I have read plenty of good things about it ...

            So yeah, I just looked at their menu & I see your point :)

            Was also thinking of Dante's Kitchen for brunch ... that menu looks pretty good too, in a different way ...

            Thanks for all the ideas.

            1. re: foiegras

              Dante's is a great choice. Love those grits MMMM!

              1. re: Tonto

                Best grits I've ever had at Dantes.

                1. re: cor

                  Agreed. Dante's is great for brunch. If you want the FQ, you might want to try Cafe Amelie, or Marigny Brasserie in the Marigny. Stella! for dinner is well worth checking out.

                  1. re: steveds

                    I'll be sure to order a side of grits!

                    I'll be driving 8.5 hours to avoid airport security, so I'll have my car and the whole city is fair game :)

                    Any safety concerns around the "upscale" category restaurants after dark? This is my first visit, and I've heard so many conflicting tales that I'm not quite sure what to think since I haven't seen it/felt it for myself yet ...

                    1. re: foiegras

                      They are all safe, August is downtown with lots of activity, Brigtsen's is in a pretty quiet corner of Uptown, and J-I's has LOTS of foot traffic in the blocks around it. Of course, anything can happen anywhere, but I've walked multiple blocks to each of those places, and felt fine about it.

                      1. re: foiegras

                        I agree with JGrey, but err on the side of caution. When venturing into parts unknown. I guess I am assuming you will be touring the heavily hit areas of which there are plenty since you have a car . but maybe not, anyway the city still has it's pockets where recovery is very slow, check it out in the daylight and follow the light when it gets dark.

                        1. re: Tonto

                          Yes, I probably will look around a bit ... I feel like I've already "seen" a lot due to having heard the stories of people who came here after Katrina, as well as seeing extensive documentary photos, interior and exterior, of several neighborhoods that were destoyed that friends of mine took--not to mention the news. One of those neighborhoods, ca. 1920s, was alarmingly similar to the one adjacent to my own historic neighborhood. I want to see it for myself, but I also want to focus on what's vibrant and working ... I thought I would ask advice after I get there, but if you have thoughts for me, I am all ears. Maybe I should check out the restaurant in the Ninth Ward that was recommended on another thread ... Jack Dempsey's I think? Possibly I should not admit it, but I grew up in the landlocked Midwest, and fried seafood ... well, who really knew there was any other kind? ;)

            2. PS Am planning to make reservations at August, Stella!, Brigtsen's, and Dante's Kitchen for Sunday brunch (22nd). Others probably Saturday, Monday, Tuesday for dinner. If any other chowhounds are looking for an excuse to go back to any of these, you'd be welcome to join me.