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Jul 2, 2007 10:03 AM

unrefrigerating beer

i've got another housemate moving in next week and need to make room in the fridge for her stuff. is it ok to take beer (in bottles) out of fridge and store it in the pantry? it was leftover from a recent party and i don't drink it that often. oh - and i also have a bottle of good white wine that would free up a lot of space. maybe i just need to have another party to get rid of the drinks and all the food/condiments/dressings in there!

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  1. Is it ok?- Depends on the size of your pantry, I suppose ;) As to the beer- so long as you avoid extreme temperatures you shouldn't really sweat it- just going from the fridge to room temp will be fine (if you're comfortable your beer will be comfortable). Since it is in bottles you should probably be more concerned with light anyway, so keep that pantry door closed! Another party always sounds like a good idea to me, though. Enjoy.

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