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Jul 2, 2007 10:01 AM

PHX - full service Mexican caterer?

We threw a big Christmas party a couple years ago...big formal pull out all the stops kind of affair. I wasn't working then and did everything myself. It was great fun and our guests all had a wonderful time and were disappointed we didn't do it again last year.

We're thinking about doing it again this year but I"m working full time now so think I want to go ahead and have it thinking about using a Mexican christmas theme this year(yes we plan do ahead...but once summer is over it's such a quick train ride to the hoildays may as well start planning in my head while I"m stuck inside bored from the weather).

I'd like to find a full service caterer(will do everything including providing the setup, breakdown, silver, china etc) who can do quality Mexican food. I know I can pick stuff up at Ranch Market for instance but I really want to just let someone take care of everythign if I can find someone that will also do a good job with the food.

Any ideas?

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  1. I suspect that the full-service restaurant at Ranch Market, Tradiciones, might have a catering arm since they have a private room for functions.

    Also, Barrio Cafe does catering:

    1. A couple of questions - define "full service" and where in Phx? I say define full service as I know many of the Mexican restaurants in town offer catering which means they deliver food in tin-foil pans with paper plates. And, of course PHX is spreadout so need to know what part of town you are in.

      Off hand - I am pretty certain the following offer this type of catering:

      Serranos (multiple locations)
      Macayos (multiple locations)
      Rositas (multiple locations)
      La Pinata (19th Ave and Osborn)


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        Well this is where I'm not sure where to look.Ideally, I'm looking for a higher end full service caterer that can give me one stop shopping if you will...using china, silver, chafers, a bartender, maybe a couple servers. The last time we did this party it was very elegant and I'd like to keep the feeling the same but have a Mexican theme this time with traditional food(I"m thinking tamales, asada, some seafood for instance), some music(probably a small Mariachi or Tejano ensemble or maybe a classical guitarist) luminarias, etc.

        BUT...I want the food to be excellent and authentic. I'm kind of at a loss where I can get the elegance and the great food.

        I didn't realize Barrio Cafe did catering. That might be a good place to start?

        If I can't find someone that can do everything...I know where to get the party rentals and servers on my own so could just do the food from the best source possible. I really want the food to be great...just was hoping to turn a lot of the work over this year as the last time we did this it really was a lot of work to do it the way we wanted and I don't have the time I used had then. But I don't want to give up quality of food for convenience so will make the time if I have to! :-)

        I'm in Chandler...but caterer doesn't need to be.

        1. re: ziggylu

          Sylvia's does catering as well.

          A trio would be great. At all of our weddings there is always a mariachi for the entrance and cocktials, and a trio plays for dinner. It's very elegant.

          1. re: mamamia

            Are the trios the guitar and teh strings? That's what we're thinking about since the full group with the horns might blow the neighbors away..

            Thanks to all for the suggestions. This deifnitely gives me something to start with!

      2. Barrio and Padre's are your best bets. Both do off site catering.

        1. Check out this link to a review that I posted awhile back for a tiny Mexican cafe that we have been visiting in Glendale. Jose and his family do a lot of catering, and he is a wonderful cook -- Mexican or otherwise. I don't know about the china and silver, but I'll bet he can arrange to provide them. There is a number for the cafe in the review, and his wife and daughter both work there and everyone speaks English, so I'm sure they would be happy to help you.