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Jul 2, 2007 09:49 AM

30 birthdays, 30 bivalves - seattle

My SO is turning 30 next month and would like to commemorate the occasion by eating 30 oysters.
Where should we go to get the best bang for our buck?

I'd really appreciate suggestions for both happy-hour and non-happy hour times (in case he can't get out of work early)


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  1. Elliott's Oyster Happy Hour is quite a lot of fun. You can sit at the Oyster Bar with the shucker.. Sarting at 3:00, oysters on the half-shell are wonderfully presented at 50 cents each! Buy several dozen then, as prices rise by maybe 20 cents apiece every half-hour til they get back to normally ridiculous at 6:00. Jack's Fish Spot will either fit the occasion or distinctly not, depending. Nearby also are Emmett Watson's and Shucker's.

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      Flying Fish also has an oyster happy hour, but yeah Elliots is a better call. (especially if you sit at the bar and get to talkin to the shuckers, all good guys)

    2. The Brooklyn has one of the best oyster selections in town and a GRRReat happy hour and a really nice bar area. Their selection and oyster sampler are incredible. The Oceanaire is really nice as well but pretty spendy for food or drink. We always start @ THe Brooklyn for happy hour and crawl around downtown from there. Happy Big 3-0!!!