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Jul 2, 2007 09:45 AM

(SAT) Does anyone know where a good Korean Restaurant is?

I move to San Antonio about a year and half ago from Washington state and lately I have been missing home and wanted some good Korean food, but I have no idea where to go! Any suggestions?

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  1. Try for restaurant reviews.There is a Korean restaurant on Harry Wuzbach and Ritterman down near Fort Sam,and there are some others in town.
    But I really haven't eaten at any.Check out the food section in tomorrow's San Antonio ExpressNews.They list in there a whole bunch of places by cusine,and also along the the name of the place,they also have reviews.

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    1. re: HollyDolly

      Great. Thanks for the tips, I'll have to check into them!

      1. re: LeaLynn82

        Try out
        Go Hyang Jib on Rittiman
        Korean B.B.Q. House on Rittiman
        Koreana on Harry Wurzbach

        Hit up and do a search, there's a few there. These three are the ones I hear most about though. There's also Hanaro Mart on Rittiman, I haven't trued that place, but rumor has it they serve food.

        1. re: Mr Zero

          Ate at Korean BBQ last year and enjoyed it very much. Worth a visit.

      2. re: HollyDolly

        I have been to Ilsong Garden (Blanco Rd) and Koreana. In my opinion, they are both authentic but if you want something that's more casual/cheaper, I suggest Koreana.