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Breakfast BBQ ideas

I'm hosting a breakfast bbq to start off 4th of July activities and looking for some good grilling ideas.

Ideas so far, breakfast burritos with grilled bacon, sausage (regular and veggie versions) plus potatoes, onions, red peppers, mushrooms.

Breakfast kabobs: tater tots/potatoes wrapped in bacon and veggies.

Any other grilling suggestions?

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  1. Grilled breakfast pizza would also work. Breakfast is a hard one to do on the grill.

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      How about a sweet pizza with cinnamon sugar and butter with grilled stone fruits on top? Grilled fruit is a great option as well - peaches, pineapple, nectarines.

    2. Grilled scallops and/or shrimp, if your budget can take it, are a nice contrast to all the
      fatty meats.

      Also, if your BBQ has a side burner, good ol' steak and eggs always goes over well.
      You can cut the steak into 2 oz portions so people can try a bit of everything, plus
      a 2oz steak cooks in about 2 minutes, same time as the eggs.

      1. Oh, your ideas, and everyone else's, all sound wonderful! We love to do breakfast on the grill. We have a griddle that we use for sausages or bacon or pancakes. (It's not that big, alas.) As someone else suggested, we also have done breakfast pizza on the grill with our pizza stone.

        I think your key limitation will be the size of your grill and the number of people...


        1. You can also do breakfast quesadillas. Maybe some jack cheese and bacon or chorizo.

          You can also toast bagels/english muffins on the grill too.

          Grilled fruits. Split and grill some peaches and then top with yogurt. Or grill up all sorts of fruit and chop and add to yogurt and granola.

          1. I saw a show on food tv where they removed the orange from the peel, leaving most of the peel in tact. They filled the orange peel w/ yeast dough and cinnamon sugar/butter, wrapped in foil and cooked it. It sounds really good.

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              That was on Ham on the Street on the food network. It did look really good. Recipe is probably on their website.

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                Thanks--here it is:


                He used buttermilk biscuits in a can, though. I wonder whatever made me think that Ham might have used homemade dough??? This seems easy, though, and fun to do.

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                That sound great. I'll have to try that next time we go car camping. Thanks for the link!

              3. grilled peameal (Canadian) bacon sandwiches, with honey mustard and toasted sourdough buns. Could also brush the bacon with maple syrup. Or, make BLT's. Peameal bacon grills very well - not messy since it's lean.

                1. Grilled fruit skewers, such as pineapple, mango and peaches.

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                    Grilled fruit skewers are great. Brush them with a combination of honey and lime juice. You'll probably have some guests that have never had grilled fruit, but it's really good.

                  2. Grilled french toast is very unique and tasty.

                    You could also do a grilled PB&J or PB&H&Banana fare, and can also presoak these in a batter of eggs and milk as well...

                    I personally love eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini covered in garlic salt and grilled...

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                      Grilled french toast sounds amazing! I really appreciate all these great suggestions. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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                        The grilled fruit as suggested above goes really well... I'd make some apple slices, coat with a little melted butter, place on the grill for a minute til one side gets golden, then flip. Sprinkle some brown sugar on the already grilled face-up side, and let it melt while the other side golden-ifies! Serve these caramelized wonders with the grilled french toast.

                        In addition to grilled pineapple, you could do a medley with mango, papaya, and bananas...

                    2. Grilled fruit kabobs with a yogurt honey drizzle on a serving plate.
                      Steak and eggs. When we camp we use an old muffin tin (spray with nonstick spray) and crack the eggs in there. Sometimes, we preheat the tins with a tBSP or so of cream and a dab of butter, then crack the eggs in them, salt. Sprinkle with coarse pepper and put two of the "muffin eggs" on a thin piece of steak, serve with grilled bread topped with EVOO and rubbed with garlic. A hearty breakfast.

                      1. I just pour milk over my pulled pork. :)

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                          I lean towards Cheerio Kababs, you can get a lot on a skewer.

                        2. The grilled fruit was a hit! We grilled apples, peaches and bananas that were coated with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. That plus the grilled french toast stuffed with bananas and peanut butter was delicious.

                          I want to try the grilled breakfast pizza next time now that I know how good grilled fruit is!

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                            Sounds great! I"m coming to your house next year ;)