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Jul 2, 2007 09:25 AM

whats the word on An?

I made reservations to eat there for my anniversary. I've only been there once a while back, but only had drinks at the bar as our party ended up going somewhere else for dinner as the wait was extremely long that night. Always wanted to go back to see if the hype is worthy. Anyone here been there and can prvide some insight as to their menu? What's good, what to stay away from? Is it worth the $$$, or should I go somewhere else.

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  1. I had lunch there and thought it was really good. I had the ribs appetizer which were yummy an dI had the three burgers. Very interesting and delicious. The service was impeccable.

    1. My friends took me there for my birthday in May, and it was really fantastic. Not only was the food tantalizing and exciting, but the overall ambiance makes it a very special place to dine. We just got soups and then sushi and small plates that we all shared. I have been meaning to go back, so please give us an update if you decide to go.

      The martini was flawless. Or was it martinis? :-)

      Here is the dinner menu: (I do recall that my soup was too spicy for my tastes, but my friends loved theirs. If you are not a super-spicy fan, then you might keep that in mind)

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        Thanks for the feedback!

        I happen to love Vietnamese food, even Vietnamese-infused foods, and their menu looks sooooo good! I think I will definitely keep the reservation. It's not until later this month, but I will defintely post a review of my experience. Since I have been there for drinks, I can already say that the ambiance was just right, the decor was very tasteful, and the service seemed up to par. Just need to taste the food!

      2. Hello!,

        I just ate there this afternoon for lunch. I had the Singapore Noodles(Kinda like Pad Thai, peanuts, shrimp and chicken with rice vermicelli) and my friend had the Pho.

        My only complaint is that while they spent a great deal of money on the appearance of the place, they did not follow proper feng shui basics and the central dining area has a negative impact on the experience.

        Using western architecture terms, the ceiling is too high, the sunlight was too direct, there was nothing to reduce the noise so the waitress had to practically shout at us to be heard. Really, really bad! Otherwise the place is excellent. Next time I'll try their sushi. Apparently, they cut their own fish there, which is a treat since most places around here just slice pre-cut frozen fish to put in their sushi.

        1. I went last week w/a friend and it was FANTASTIC. The decor is very sleek and quite chic. We had to wait an extra 15 minutes past our reservation time but the staff was very nice and quite apologetic about it. We didn't mind. I had the vietnemese crepe for an app and it was really good, but a bit dry and hard to cut through w/the knife provided. Good flavors, though. My friend had the imperial rolls, kind of like spring rolls. They were okay, but I would not order it again. For dinner, I had the sea bass w/a miso glaze and my friend had the catfish hot pot. Both dishes were divine. My sea bass was about the best I've ever had. Really fresh, succulent, and was so delicious. For dessert, we had the flourless chocolate cake and the vietnemese coffee creme de caramel. Both were really good. They also serve a small coconut macaroon along w/the coffee that was quite delicious as well.

          Overall, I think this ranks as one of my favorite meals in the triangle!